4 thoughts on “How did men help him find a way home?”

  1. The man took the puppy layer by layer to help find a house. Because the puppy could understand the words, the man took the puppy to the elevator. Every time he arrived, he opened the elevator door. It is not to add the floor by itself, it will take the initiative to return to the elevator, and then watch the man ask for another floor. It is understood that the man was walking with his wife at the time, and the puppy followed when he returned to the community. The puppy jumped after finding the home and shouted very happy. With such a smart dog, the owner was no longer afraid that it would be lost.
    What to pay attention to when raising pet dogs?

    The pet dogs are boring for both parties. Pet owners may have other loved ones and friends. Once the pet dog identified the owner, it is difficult to get along with others in this life. Coupled with living with humans, it is difficult to meet other companions. Instead of being accompanied by the owner, it is more like alleviating its own loneliness. Therefore, the owner must take the puppy out to play in his spare time, and don't let the pet dog get sick at home. When walking the dog outside, remember to bring a paper towel and circulate the dog rope. Try not to let the dog stool in public. I can't help but cut off the feces behind.
    Who is suitable for adopting pets?

    This must have patience and love. Don't think that pets are cute and hold home for a while. They do not consider their economic strength and living conditions. Sooner or later, they will want to abandon pet dogs one day. Wandering dogs in the city, they used to have a home, because the owner was not responsible, the pets were displaced. Not only will it be discarded outside the outside, but it will also twist each other because of fighting with other similar foods.
    What to do if the dog is lost outside?

    It some dogs are not very clever and do not look for the way home. When the dog is lost, it will not walk too far, and may stand in place to wait for the owner to pick himself up. Therefore, the shoveling officer should go to the place where the dog often plays. When looking for, remember to shout the dog's name. The dog's ears are more sensitive and can quickly recognize the owner's voice.

  2. This man took this puppy to the elevator, opened the elevator door every floor, and then the puppy would walk out of the elevator door to take a look. If it was not your own floor, he would take the initiative to return to the elevator, and then see The owner's home will yell, and then successfully helped the puppy find the home.

  3. The man took the dog, looking for a layer by layer, and he could see that the man was very caring and eventually found the puppy's home.

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