4 thoughts on “Shiba Inu and Akita are two kinds of dogs that are very similar. How can they distinguish it?”

  1. Both Akita Dogs and Shiba Inu are all developed by Japanese people, and these two dogs are very similar. They have white hair on their chests, and most of the back and limbs are yellow. However, these two dogs are also very different. For example, Shiba Inu's body shape will be relatively small, and Akita's body shape is relatively large. The two dogs can be distinguished by humans. And Shiba Inu looks a little cunning and always smiles. Akita looks very thick and gives people a sense of honest dogs.
    The body size is different, and can be judged according to the body type.
    Although the appearance of these two dogs is very similar, if the two dogs are put together, you can obviously judge it. And Shiba Inu is also cheap and cute, and it looks very cunning. Some Shiba Inu always do some, and bad things will quarrel with the same kind for no reason. And Shiba Inu's body shape is also relatively small. It may not be able to beat some dogs with large size, but they are more owed and will tease other dogs. And Akita is relatively thick. It is an honest dog in the dog world, giving people a very reliable feeling. Akita's body is also relatively large, which is twice as big as Shiba Inu.
    Akita's eyes are relatively small, very thick, Shiba Inu's eyes are relatively large, and it looks a little treacherous.
    In fact, this is just Xiaobian's own judgment. Xiaobian thinks that Akita's eyes are relatively small, and it looks like a pair of squinting eyes, which is more honest and honest. Shiba Inu's eyes are relatively large, and the overall body shape is very small and exquisite, especially like to fight with big dogs. You can also judge the difference between these two dogs through your eyes and eyebrows. If you are not clear, you can also find two pictures on the Internet, and then you can understand the difference between these two dogs.
    In general, these two dogs are very similar, but the origin is different, so it must not be mistaken. If you want to raise a dog, you can raise Shiba Inu, don't raise Akita, because Akita's body shape is relatively large.

  2. First of all, in the appearance, Akita dogs are large dogs, Shiba Inu is a medium -sized dog, and in terms of personality, the field dogs are relatively stable, while Shiba Inu is more lively, hair is different, Shiba Inu is short, small hair and Akada dogs compare Fluffed and soft, and different at night, Shiba Inu, as a famous Japanese dog, is higher than the Akita dog

  3. Akita dogs are relatively small, and Shiba Inu's head is larger. The sound of Akita dogs is relatively thin, and Shiba Inu's voice is relatively rough. The running speed of Akita is relatively slow, and Shiba Inu's running speed is faster.

  4. Shiba Inu and Akita dogs are very similar, but their body shape is much worse. Akita dogs are large dogs, while Shiba Inu belongs to small dogs.

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