5 thoughts on “Chinese pastoral dogs and Shiba Inu are similar. What are the characteristics?”

  1. 1. Head
    The Chinese pastoral dog: The head characteristics are closer to the appearance of its ancestor wolf, with a tip of the mouth, short mouth, and flat. The ear position is high, the ear is small and upright or semi -standing, and the semi -upright ears are drooping halfway in front of the head.
    Hemo: Shiba Inu's cheeks are full and round. The ears are triangular, small and firmly erected.
    2, body shape
    The Chinese pastoral dog: the body is well -proportioned and compact; medium size, the body length to the shoulder height ratio is about 1: 1, the overall is similar to the square.
    Hemoh: The limbs are thick and strong, and the proportion of length and shoulder height is about 10:11 and 10:12. That is, the legs are longer.
    3, hair
    The Chinese pastoral dog: Mainly brown hair, thick hair, many miscellaneous hair, but easy to keep clean.
    Hemo: double hair. The outer layer is stiff, stands upright, and the lower fluff layer is soft and thick. The hair is thick, but it is softer.
    4, personality
    The Chinese pastoral dogs: Most of the Chinese dirt dogs are loyal, obedient, and protect the Lord.
    Heh Inu: Shiba Inu is a well -known temper. When he goes up, he is disobedient and faces his owner.
    Whether it is a Shiba Inu or a Chinese pastoral dog, the owner must build a trustworthy master and servant relationship with it, especially Shiba Inu, otherwise it is easy to rebel. The owner wants to teach it to distinguish between good or bad and develop good behavior habits, that is, to train it. During the training process, you can prepare some training snacks to make them more active.

  2. The characteristics of Chinese pastoral dogs are smart and wise, strong survivability, and unpredictable. Shiba Inu is characterized by smiles, docile temperament, and dexterity.

  3. Shiba Inu, from Japan, an ancient dog species. In recent years, it has become one of the popular pet dogs in my country.

    The Chinese pastoral dog, although it is called "earth dog, firewood, yellow dog", it is a pearl in the history of Chinese dogs. It used to be mainly raised in the countryside, and now many people have gradually raised it as pets and dogs.

    because some rural dogs are similar to Shiba Inu, and some dog traffickers will sell rural dogs as Shiba Inu, so many people will compare the differences between the two. Today, I will talk about it. What are the differences between "Raising Shiba Inu" VS "Raising Chinese Rural Dogs"?

    1, price

    The price of Shiba Inu is thousands of thousands, tens of thousands of high.

    It 100 pieces of rural dogs are common, and some are even given directly.

    2, personality

    The personality characteristics of Shiba Inu: independent, personality, not barking, stubborn, persistent.

    The personality characteristics of rural dogs are: docile and loyal, enthusiastic and friendly, smart, and alert.

    We two of them are not sticky dogs. If the owner has no time to play with them, they can find the way of pastime time. But relatively speaking, rural dogs are more important, and at least it will not be in place when it is tired.

    3, the trend of changes in phases

    Heaclemine is very similar to the pastoral dog when he was a kid. Although it is not good -looking, the feeling of milk is also very loved. In the process of growth, it will experience an embarrassing period, hair loss, fading hair, thinning, and overall ugliness.

    In its embarrassing period is also its growth and development period. At this stage, it is recommended that the owner feeds good food and nutritional points. "Dog food", selected high -quality meat, rich and balanced nutrition, adding deep -sea fish oil and kelp powder, which is good for beautiful skin care. It is better to feed some egg yolks and carrots.

    but after this stage, after the cheeks (cheeks, burst face), the face value rises. Shiba Inu burst into the early and late, which is inherited from this bloodline. rnrn大部分田园犬都是“幼犬期完爆长大后”,有的人说,它就是从小正太到猥琐大叔的变化过程……当然,也有些幸运的人, Meet a rural dog from small to large.

    4. Training

    The difficulty in training Shiba Inu, because it is not good in obedience, strong energy and patience. Unwilling, it won't do it. To train it to mobilize its enthusiasm, the owner can prepare dog snacks to stimulate it.

    Compared with Shiba Inu, rural dogs are easier to train, because it has good obedience, is also very smart, and humanity, but it is also necessary to talk about it. Mainly.

    5, life

    The average life of Shiba Inu is about 10-12 years old.

    The life span of Chinese rural dogs is generally 12-20 years old or even longer.

    Although the dogs must be different, at least the pastoral dogs can be more longer. However, the life expectancy of the dog has a lot to do with its living environment, eating habits and physical fitness. If the owner takes care of it, there is no accident, and the life should grow.

  4. The appearance of these two dogs is particularly similar. The tail of the Chinese rural dog is very short, and the belly is white and the back is yellow. The varieties of these two dogs are different, the dietary habits are different, and their personality characteristics are different.

  5. First, the head shape is different. The Shiba Inu face is full of round shape, and the forehead of the Chinese pastoral dog is flat;
    It, the hair is different, the hairpin is a double -layer hair, the outer hair is relatively hard, the inner hair is soft, and the Chinese pastoral There are more hairs of dogs;
    third, different personality, Shiba Inu's temper is stubborn, and the Chinese pastoral dogs are mild and loyal.

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