Where can I buy dogs in Zhuyuan Town, Qingyuan County?

I work in the local area and want to adopt a dog. I don't know where to sell it?

3 thoughts on “Where can I buy dogs in Zhuyuan Town, Qingyuan County?”

  1. A pet shop in a town is estimated that you can't find out at Baidu. Few people are so coincidence that this town is in this town and just Baidu answered questions. At that time, I can tell you that I am also Guangyuan. If you sell dogs, you have to go to Guangyuan City to buy or have dogs who have dogs in Shangzhen to adopt or buy a dog. Sometimes many owners can not support them.

  2. I am in Qiaozhuang, there is no pet shop anyway, but there are better varieties of dogs. If you want to buy, you may only ask acquaintances to pay attention, or you will only go to Guangyuan. In fact, I still want to buy a pine otter. Essence

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