Where can I have a pet shop in Beijing Changping?

I want to feed another shepherd, where is Changping?

5 thoughts on “Where can I have a pet shop in Beijing Changping?”

  1. Opposite the Changping District Hospital, when a dog in the Sanjie Hutong falls in love with a cat pet shop, the cheap healthy dog. Essence Essence I bought Teddy, and the price was fair. The owner was very enthusiastic. If you have any problems in your family, you can consult. The owner will also carefully explain the method of raising puppies, disease prevention methods, and so on. Essence Essence Everyone can go around and see. Essence Essence Essence

  2. I do n’t know where there is a pet shop in you, but we have a Porter -style pet shop here. It ’s good for services and technology. The boss is also very enthusiastic. The little pet is also very popular and pure. The price is also very favorable. I wonder if you have any other side? You can go to the official website of Porter Gege to consult the customer service to see if you have a franchise store near you. If you have any, you can go to see it.
    Ba Baidu or click my name (click the Popular icon below) to see it.

  3. Changping Cathay Pacific's near the beautiful hutong of the beautiful and beautiful hutong to the side of Dongguan Elementary School

  4. At the seven o'clock, the pet shop is about to open, so stay tuned! At seven o'clock, the pet shop is located at 109 merchants on the south side of the Amber World on the West Street of Huilongguan West Street, Changping District. He is a group of youthful and vibrant young people. We have the top and fashionable pet beauty technology in China; the most comfortable and peaceful pet fostering environment; the richest pet supplies; the most intimate service is that you and our pet friends inadvertently inadvertently are inadvertently When we discover us, bring our pet old friends to talk about their past and present stories ...

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