5 thoughts on “What pets can a solitary boy in his twenties be raised?”

  1. A 20 -year -old solitary boy can raise dogs and cats, because dogs can make a boy diligent and more and more take care of people, so that after finding a girlfriend, she will take care of her.

  2. I think a single boy in his 20s can raise a lot of pets, such as dogs, cats, and even hamsters. If you want to be not so troublesome, it is convenient, it is recommended that you raise a hamster, but if you are it, you are I prefer to play with it often, I suggest you to raise a dog

  3. A single boy in his 20s can raise a lot of pets. For example, you can raise a hedgehog, because hedgehogs are not particularly difficult to raise, and their thoughts are particularly simple, suitable for boys to raise.

  4. Lonely boys in their twenties can raise a lot of pets, such as teddy and golden retriever, two cute dogs, can also choose to raise Husky,

  5. A 20 -year -old alone boy, I think you can raise some kittens, such small pets, or golden -mane lizards or gold -horn frogs are very good.

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