4 thoughts on “What is the same as if the puppy's nose is not angry?”

  1. Nose is not ventilated due to excessive obstruction of the nasal secretion of the nasal mucosa tissue. Nasal congestion does not rule out rhinitis caused by a cold. In daily life, you must prevent colds and exercise more resistance. Drink more white water and juice to soften the secretions of the nose. Reduce the blockage of the airway secretion. If the amount of secretion is too much, you can use hot water and steam to materialize the nose.

  2. Dog's nose is not ventilated in the respiratory tract infection, the nasal mucosa is swollen, and the nasal cavity is not ventilated. It may also be caused by other reasons, such as nasal mucosa polyps, and abnormal biomedy biomas in the nasal cavity, soft palate, and hard palate. These situations can only be checked when they go to the hospital.

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  3. It should be a cold, eat amoxicillin (child quantity)
    The child cold granules!
    This dog used to be like this before
    This I just cured
    , the doctor of the pet hospital told me that it was done.
    If you still don't worry, take it to check.
    The relieved, it's okay, I wish your dog recover soon!

  4. It is recommended that you go to a pet hospital for a test to see if it is a canine plague. You can see if there are a lot of eye shit in its eyes. If so, it is estimated that the canine plague is. The medicine will be good ~~~~ Don't worry, hope to help you ~~~ !!

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