What dogs are suitable for elementary school students

I am in the sixth grade, 136 square meters, and raised dogs, big, medium, small, all work, the price is around 1500, the price is around 1500,

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  1. It is better to raise a medium -sized dog ~ After all, large dogs sometimes can't hold it ~
    If you like beautiful ones:
    The appearance is very beautiful ~ but the courage is a bit small ~ and summer Drop hair ~ There are a lot of hair in winter ~ It is quite comfortable ~ The return rate is very high ~
    cute type:
    teddy, cute appearance, lively, small volume, convenient to bring anymore ~ ​​Don’t lose hair
    Sherry, docile, clever, cute, can see houses ~ Do not drop hair
    Big dogs, very cute ~ and it has not yet reached the point of flooding ~ The return rate is still possible ~ Don’t lose hair loss.
    is a bear, round beep ~ Don’t drop hair
    The fox hunting stalk, pretty special ~ small saddle shape is very cute ~ smart ~ good ~ small elves ~ r Can be bought within 1500 yuan above

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