2 thoughts on “Where is the British cattle and dogs sold in Huicheng District, Huizhou, Guangdong? Buy.”

  1. Hi! The pet market in Huicheng District, Huizhou. British bulldogs, also known as tiger dogs, originated from the British Islands. The ancestors are said to be a combination of Marshv mastiff and beef head. The reason why the name is "cow" is because the dog is often used to play games that "bite cattle". The bullfighting dog is terrible to look at its appearance, it is kind, and a kind of loyal dog breed. In addition to these characteristics, it also has brave and full endurance, so it is known as the British dog. Even if the bullfighting activity is banned, this dog is still very popular. British bullfighting dogs are weird and cute. Walking is very gentleman, with calm personality, not barking, very friendly, kind, credible, and kind to children. At the same time, it is brave and majestic. Outstanding. Guardian. Suitable for family breeding with relatively spacious environment.
    1. Bathing for life for free (such as cutting hair, nails, etc.);
    2. Free life for free vaccine and medical treatment.
    3. Within six months after sale, there are dog plague and small bags for the same quality.
    4. Every time you buy a dog to send a set of dog supplies;

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