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  1. The pets are raised. Do not forget to repel deworming
    Pet insect deworming is one of the procedures for nourishing pets. Due to weak resistance after birth In order to prevent pets from some fatal threats, the owner needs to improve the pet deworming and vaccine procedures for pets. These procedures can go to regular pet shops or pet hospitals.

    This immune deworming:
    This is generally recommended to eat, drink, urinate the spirit, You can do immunotorgling work. It is recommended to do it before immunity, and some hospitals do it at the same time (the difference is not large, which can be based on the condition of a cat).
    The cat repelling medicine and in vitro deworming drugs are generally divided by cat deworming medicines. The commonly used cat deworming medicines are Miaoba, Bayer, and Pet Love. Common cat exfoliations of cats are Fulan. The above are imported insect repellent, of course, you can also use the domestic broad -spectrum deworming medicine. However, I think that although the price of imported insect repellent is a bit more expensive, cats are only taken once a year, and the imported insect repellent medicine is guaranteed. After all, insect repellent is toxic, and there will be tragedies if improper use.
    In the first 20 to 30 days after birth insect. Mainly drove and body surface parasites. You can choose levicidazole, propymazole, iminin or Avin. Then deworming is carried out every 2 to 4 months. Adult dogs should generally be deworming once a quarter. Generally, broad -spectrum deworming medicine is generally used. When deworming, you should pay attention to the dose of the drug appropriately. You must not be too large or too small. It is easy to cause poisoning, and it cannot achieve the purpose of deworming. In addition, when removing insect deworming in large groups, small groups should be performed first. If no accidents are found, large groups are dewheed to prevent poisoning or allergies.

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