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  1. 1. Dorgence time

    . The puppies are generally repeated for the first time around the full month. Six months ago puppies, once a month, once a month, puppies and adult dogs after six months. , Demotly every three months.

    . The method of deworming

    For in vitro parasites, we usually use drops, and generally drip the medicine on the dog's neck This is to prevent dogs from vomiting. For parasites in the body, most of them are feeding deworming medicines.

    It can open the dog's mouth, put the deworming medicine directly to the throat, and then close the dog's mouth for about 10 seconds to allow the dog to swallow the pills completely. Mix it into dog food, you can take the medicine by the way when you eat it.

  2. Popular science, deworming is divided into in vitro and in vitro.
    This deworming is mainly targeted at bowls, hookworms, and compound tapeworms of the gastrointestinal tract;
    The in vitro deworming is mainly targeted at fleas, chiggainal mites, tapeworms, etc. of the body surface. The in vitro deworming medicine is given by orally, and the in vitro deworming medicine is given by drops, spray, collar, orally, etc.
    The internal and in vitro deworming medicines can be once a month, and the dogs can be once every 3 months after adulthood, once a month in vitro. Be sure to use the dog's weight dewraviole according to the weight of the dog.
    If dogs usually do not often go out of the grass, you can appropriately extend the interval between insect repellent.

  3. In spring and summer, when there are many parasites, once a month is driven once to 2 months, when there are fewer parasites in autumn and winter, when there are fewer parasites, once every 2 to 3 months is driven. Generally, dogs can be deworming for the first time after a month. The first deworming is used in inside and outside the body, which is safe and effective for puppies.

  4. Hello, according to your description
    A general in vitro deworming is recommended to use a drop once a month. If you go out every day, you can do it once a week. Dogs are advised to do insect repellent once a month. It only takes three months to prevent it once in March.

  5. Generally, it is recommended to use the drops once a month in vitro deworming. If you go out every day, it is best to do a spray to remove insects once a week. Dogs within March age are recommended to do insect repellent once a month. It takes three months to prevent it once.

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