2 thoughts on “Where can I sell Teddy in Dalian? Pure.”

  1. Sell ​​on the 5th floor of New Mart, I went to see several

    The puppy cubs sold outside Zhongshan Park and the puppy sold outside the New Mate. N I will know these three big markets.

  2. Several pet markets in Dalian:

    Da Shang Xin Mate 5th Floor, Pet World
    Zhongshan Park, pet market on Saturday and Sunday
    next to the furniture furniture market, incense furnace reef furniture market, On Saturday and Sunday, there are pet markets
    This development zone from Jinma to Changlin. There are pet markets in a street. Many puppies I bought are unhealthy, and they die for a while.

    It you can also buy it online. Many Dalian local people send information to sell their own puppies to raise puppies. They should be healthy than dog traffickers outside.

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