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  1. When applying for pet consignment, three documents must be held in the sterilization, quarantine certificate, and county certification of pets. At the same time, pets must be bundled in a cage with iron to prevent pets from escaping midway.
    1, cage device requires
    The convenient feeding, but not allowed pets to extend the cage and bite others. It is necessary to consider food, drinking water and air circulation, but also to do a good job of sewage discharge, so as not to stain other luggage. In addition, it is necessary to make the cage as spacious as possible, make dogs or cats comfortable in it, but also reasonably design the size, so as not to waste freight. These are the basic requirements for loading cages.
    2. The place of placement
    The general cargo does not have a problem of hypoxia, but most of the pets are placed in the luggage compartment. For example, the aircraft has a special "aerobic luggage compartment". Whether it circulates, the temperature and humidity should not be too high, and it is not easy to place other products on the cage, but if the cage is placed on the layer, it must avoid the baggage of other passengers from other passengers in the lower layer.
    3, loading and unloading need to be cautious
    The brutal loading and unloading is absolutely prohibited. Due to your hands into the cage, he was bitten by a pet.
    4. Different from the place
    This company is professional due to professional duties. Large and medium -sized cities are highly developed, and people's breeding of pets has become a common habit. Therefore, transportation has become a popular business. Indirectly exercise consignment companies to make it more professional. Considering the problem is more thoughtful, the process is more popular and more humane.
    Pucting information:
    1. Consignant consignment of goods should fill in the domestic freight consignment letter and use my resident ID card or other valid ID. It should also be provided.
    2. When the shipper consignment fresh and easy to rot, live animals, emergency items and goods that have time restrictions are required, they should first book flights to the airline freight department, date, tonnage, and handle according to the agreed time and place. Consignment procedures.
    3, consignment of consignment of civil aviation restricting transportation and goods that need to go through the procedures for procedures such as public security, quarantine and other relevant departments shall present valid certification documents.
    4. Consignant response to the contents and accuracy of the content and documents provided by the consignment of the goods and the information provided by the consignment of the goods.
    5. The shipper consignment of goods due to different transportation conditions or unable to transport the nature of the goods shall fill in the freight consignment book.
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  2. The three proofs of "Animal Health and Immune Certificate", "Quarantine Certificate" and "Transportation Division" are required.
    The advantage of long -distance car consignment pets is fair price, and people's pets are accompanied; but the disadvantage is that the luggage cabin is stuffy and uncomfortable. Moreover, it is forbidden to bring pets in the Spring Festival period.
    The expansion information
    Consignment notes
    1. Consignant consignment goods should fill in domestic goods consignment and use their resident ID cards or other valid ID to complete the consignment procedures to the freight department or their agents. If the freight department or its agent requests the shipper to issue a letter or other effective proof of the unit, the shipper shall also provide it.
    2. When the shipper consignment fresh and easy to rot, live animals, emergency items, and goods that have time restrictions, they should book flights, date, tonnage, and check the consignment procedures at the agreed time and place. Essence
    3, the consignment of the shipping government to restrict transportation and goods that need to go through procedures for the procedures of government departments such as public security and quarantine shall be attached with valid certification documents.
    4. Consignant response to the contents and accuracy of the content and documents provided by the consignment of the goods and the information provided by the consignment of the goods.
    5. The consignment of the shipbuilding transportation conditions or goods that cannot be transported together due to the nature of the goods should fill in the goods consignment book.
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  3. 1. Go to the official veterinarian station to issue a pet quarantine certificate and disinfection certificate;
    2. Prepare the consignment box that is suitable for pets (such as airboxes, about 120 yuan, depending on size);
    3, for giving it to Pets are preparing to drink water heaters;
    4. Select the railway, highway or aviation consignment department to make an appointment in advance. You can choose highway passenger transport in one or two hours for a short distance. The owner of the strength is recommended to choose the aviation oxygen cargo cabin;
    Note: Try to avoid eating pets during the consignment process because pets will vomit and diarrhea due to nervousness.


  4. The procedures for consignment of pet dog cars:

    ① At least one week also takes the pets at home to the nearby veterinary station to get an injection -Cat Sanlian and Rabies vaccine. Then get the epidemic prevention certificate (if there is already an epidemic prevention certificate, you don't need this step), the general treatment price is around 100 yuan. However, there will be differences in different places.
    ② Then two a day in advance, bring your own pet and have an epidemic prevention certificate, and go to the veterinary station near the home (required to be certified by the railway department) to do another physical examination. Get a health certificate and take it to another department in exchange for a pet situation quarantine certificate.
    ③ Last day in advance, contact the transportation department (railway station or airport). Tell the logistics company that there is a pet to consignment. Consultation again, lack of confirmation whether you are ready for consignment. [For more details, please click on consultation]

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