How to remove the dog's hair

Anyone who has a puppy in the family knows that once the hair removal period is reached, the dog keeps removing hair and makes the house full of houses. What should I do?

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  1. Dogs changed their hair twice a year. At that time, dog hair was usually added everywhere, and a ball of hair floating in the air. The bed, sofa, and clothes were everywhere. Here are some simple methods to remove dog hair at home.

    1. Clear the dog's hairs on the sheets and sofas, and the clothes:

    It use n: sticky rubber roller. This rubber roller is a sticky rubber cylinder. When using it, use the rubber roller to roll in the sticky place, and the hair is sticking off by the twisted stick. It is also very convenient when cleaning. Rinse the surface of the rubber cylinder with soap, washing spirit and water. It can be used after drying.

    2. Wool on the clothes:

    It use n: Small sticky roller. The material is a viscous rubber paper tube. The use of usage is the same as above. After each cleaning, tear off the surface tape with dog hair. Convenient.

    3. The most money -saving method:

    If the above tools around you, you can stick to the water with both hands and remove the hair on the body.

  2. In the dog's hair removal period, you often sort out the hair for the dogs to remove the hair that has been dropped but attached to the dog.

    Mo shave the dog because of the dog's hair removal, the dog will catch a cold because of the sudden cold.

    The dog hair sticking to the body, just stick it with a wide tape.

  3. Dogs usually change hair this season and give it less idle. They often take care of hair. Pet shops have special beauty comb! Another way is to shave hair

  4. Frequently sort out ~ you can comb the hair that falls off ~ there is just cut it directly ~ wait for autumn to start to stay long ~

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