5 thoughts on “The hair of pet dogs is everywhere, how to clean up?”

  1. Most of the pets will have such troubles. Pets are everywhere at home. Watching TV at home, the sofa is full of hair, goes out to go shopping, the clothes are all hair, and even the bowl used in the meal is all hair, which is really annoying. So, what should I do in my home everywhere? These 5 methods can help you!
    The first method: take them to do care; in fact, the reason why pet cats and pet dogs have lost hair is related to their skin too fragile. Black, hair will be particularly easy to fall. Therefore, the pet owners must often take them to do hair care, and in place their hair care. After the skin nutrition is sufficient, their hair will not be so easy to drop. Even if it falls, it won't drop a lot! Normally, it is enough to do hair care for two or three months. Too many times, the effect is not good, and it is a waste of money!
    The second method: Note that their diet is; if you don't want to go outside for hairy care, you can do it at home and use the method of diet to repair their hair. For example, it is normal for dogs to lose hair, but if the hair is dropped, if the hair is particularly less, it means that the dog's skin is particularly bad. Pet owners are best to give them some lecithin -rich foods. This kind of food can nourish and repair the dog's skin, so that its hair is no longer so easy to fall.
    The third method: often combal them; if you want to control your pets, you can prepare a comb at home, and often use a comb to comb their hair. Because if we use a comb to comb the hair that is easy to fall on them, no matter how they run around, they will not put the hair to other places! In this way, we will be very relaxed when we clean up our house! As for the combed hair, it is also useful. You can use these hairs to make a few puppets and toys for pets!
    The fourth method: take a regular bath; in addition, everyone must take a regular bath. There are many benefits to take a bath regularly, and their bodies will become particularly clean. In this way, they will not be so easy to get sick. Moreover, the hair that is about to fall on them will be washed away by us, and they will not make the hair everywhere.
    Fifth method: Pets without hairy; this method is the most useful. You can try this method. Since everyone thinks that there are many hairs and annoying people at home, why don't you go directly to raise no hair? For example, turtles, goldfish, etc., they don't even have hair. If you raise them at home, there will be no annoying dog hair, cat hair and so on at home! Then again, if you must have a pet with hair, then you can only use the first 4 methods!

  2. Give your pet regularly. Sometimes the phenomenon of hair removal of small animals is sometimes not just when it warms or cold.

  3. Before sweeping the floor, sprinkle a small amount of water on the ground and the ground, and the fine hair will be condensed into a ball for easy discover and collection

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