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  1. The dog's certificate requires the application for registration in the district city, city, and environmental sanitation administrative department or its commissioned urban street office.
    The residents should bring dogs to the district city city city city and environmental health administrative department or the city street office entrusted to apply for registration.
    The processing procedure:
    1. The district city and city city and environmental sanitation administrative department or the urban street office entrusted to review;
    2. Registered and registered for the eligible review, issued to the dog breeding certificate He can only be processed on the spot by
    3. If you cannot handle it on the spot, it will be handled within seven working days from the date of receipt of the material;
    4, the written reply is given in writing without registration and explained the reason.
    Extension information:
    The conditions for handling dog certificates:
    1. The owner of the dog has complete civil behavior capabilities.
    2, there is a fixed residence, living in a single family.
    3, these dogs have been immunized in accordance with regulations.
    4, dogs should only comply with the regulations on the number of dogs, varieties, and standards in Article 9 of these regulations.
    5, other conditions stipulated in laws and regulations.
    In the materials provided by the dog certificate:
    1, the household registration book, identity certificate.
    2. Immune certificate issued by animal epidemic prevention agencies established in accordance with the law.
    3, photos of two dogs.
    Reference information Source: Baidu Encyclopedia -Dog Certificate

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