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  1. Golden Retriever's four feeding points
    Do you know what the main points of the four feeding points of Golden Rather Dogs? Golden retriever is a very obedient and smart dog. They are well -welcomed and loved by we are not picky. So what are the main points of the four feeding points of Golden Retriever? Let ’s take a look at the four main feeding points of the Golden Retriever.
    If feding points for golden retriever dogs 1. Comparison of dried dog food and cans:
    The main foods of pet dogs are divided into two categories: dry dog ​​food and canned food. Dog food, puppies to eat puppy, adult dogs have to give adult dog food, old dogs and fat dogs need to eat their own dog food to eat.
    The dried dog food for pet dogs is stable. When eating dry dog ​​food, golden retriever can help clean up teeth, maintain the health of the teeth, and reduce the production of dental stones. If you have the problem of urinary stones, it is best not to eat dry dog ​​food.
    The can be higher in price and better ingredients, but there are also some canned foods, which will contain some unscrusable internal organs. The advantage of canned dog food is that vitamins are not easy to lose. The disadvantage is that meat is meat. There are too many categories. Too much to eat will have odor during bowel movements, and it cannot grind teeth. Eating long -term eating will have calculus. Although there is no canned food, it is easy to digest and the bowel movement is not so smelly. It is the most used dog food.
    2. Feeding scores are divided according to the size of the body:
    In -born Golden Retriever's breast milk, when they grow their teeth, they need to be weaned. The warm water is tuned into a paste. The puppy and dog food for puppies started in the United Kingdom for two months.
    D large and medium -sized dogs grow fast. Add some nutrients such as calcium powder to the dog's dining. For example, the British MAG super -energy calcium is best to add under the director of the doctor. You can also consult the mall QQ customer service. Some friends like to use raw meat as a golden retriever. In fact, this is unscientific, because raw meat contains bacteria. At the same time, the bloody golden retriever is often seen. If the owner forgets to feed, they may hunt some animals and even bite humans. Essence It should not be too full when feeding Golden Retriever, usually 70 % full.
    3. The number of feed times and time:
    The golden retriever is weaned to three months old: 3-4 a day. Three to six months old: 2-3 times. Six months to one year old: twice. Adult dogs are one or two times. It takes time to feed the golden retriever. After eating, the golden retriever can be washed immediately after eating to avoid polluting the pots.
    4. The consideration of buying imported food:
    If friends who have conditions can eat imported dog food for golden retriever, but you need to buy dog ​​food with Chinese description. After opening, it must be preserved properly. The cans must be placed in the refrigerator and the dry food must be sealed. You ca n’t have too many at a time when you buy it. You can buy a few more. Observe which one that suits your golden retriever, and then decide which one to buy.
    The key points for the four feeding points of the Golden Rather Dog 2 1. On time,
    In on the process of breeding golden retriever, it is necessary to form a rule. Pets are mainly used for three fixed, timing, fixed -point, quantitative, and regularly to develop golden retriever's timing conditions, secrete gastric juice, increase appetite, and promote digestion and absorption, which will be good for dogs' health.
    2. Food nutritional equilibrium
    The food feeding to golden retriever should ensure the reasonable matching of protein, fat, sugar, inorganic salts, vitamins and trace elements, and nutritional balance. If the owner chooses to make dog food for the dog, he must satisfy the reasonable matching of the society and not feed the meat, so that it is not good for the body.
    3. Keep cleaning of tableware
    This tableware equipped with golden retrievers should be cleaned every day, keeps clean, and disinfected regularly (usually sterilized sterilization with boiling water once a week). This can reduce the risk of dog infection, both safe and hygienic.
    4. After feeding, it is scattered
    Golden hair is very loving and easy to gain weight, so after eating, you can take it out to the open place. Lord, exclude urination and develop good habits.

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