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  1. Golden Retriever is a well -proportioned, powerful, and lively breed. It is a variety of more modern and popular dogs. It was originally cultivated as a recovery dog ​​for hunting wild poultry. Now most of them are used as guide dogs and pets. Dogs are very friendly to children or babies, so how do golden retriever puppies feed? Let's take a look below.

    This dogs are good for breeding
    Golden -haired dogs are very easy to raise dogs. Generally, they are given what to eat. Need a certain amount of exercise. Moreover, the golden retriever is very obedient and very sensible. Of course, naughty is inevitable when childhood, just like a child, it is naughty and naughty when he was a child. Of course, it is not because the golden retriever is easy to raise. The owner can neglect when feeding. When taking care of the little golden retriever, it is like taking care of our children. It is careful, because the body of the little golden retriever is very fragile. Take care, it is easy to have problems.
    How to feed Golden Retriever puppies
    1. Dog food selection: Golden retriever is relatively large than ordinary dogs. It is recommended to buy professional dog food directly. It is relatively balanced, and it is relatively simple to feed. It is only necessary to feed the amount and feeding method according to dog food. Generally, feeding is divided by the body shape, and dog foods suitable for alloy hair size are purchased at the same time, such as buying puppies at a young age, and growing into dog food when they grow up.
    2. Moderate exercise: Golden retriever should often take out to exercise and improve physical fitness. If you do not often exercise, it will cause golden retriever obesity. Excessive obesity can easily cause various hazards. But generally do not take it out to run before 12 months old. At this time, the bones of golden retriever have not developed well, which will cause great pressure on it.
    3. Clean care: Golden retrievers must not only keep the hair clean and soften, clean the hair 1 to 2 times a day, but also prevent the hair from knotting and promoting blood circulation. It should be cleaned 3 times for the golden retriever dogs every week, and the sanitation of the ears, eyes, and anal glands should be cleaned once to ensure that the dog's body is clean and far away from the damage of the bacteria. In addition, it should be regularly bathing, repairing, and trimming toenails.
    4. Disease prevention: Golden retriever should pay attention to cooling heatstroke in summer, avoid golden retriever heat stroke, and infect infectious diseases. Winter should do a good job of preventing cold and keeping warm to avoid getting cold and getting sick. In addition, parents should regularly remove insects for golden retrievers and in vitro, and regularly go to the hospital for physical examination and then perform vaccine injection to do a good job of prevention of infectious diseases such as canine plague and small infectious diseases.
    5. Reasonable training: Golden Retriever is a very obedient dog, but if you can conduct various training from small from childhood to restrict the wrong behavior of it, especially it prefers barking. Be sure Correction is essential for dogs to adapt to your family life in the future.
    How to soak puppies and dog food
    1. Select the appropriate amount of warm water from 40 to 70 degrees Celsius, put dog food in warm boiling water, and generally soak the dog for 20 to 30 minutes.
    2. When soaking, you can feel the hard and hard level of dog food. It is moderate. It cannot be soaked for a long time.
    3. Dogs do not need to eat dog food after 3 months of growth. After 3 months, the dog's teeth have been strong and the digestive system function is also enhanced. Essence
    How what is the breeding environment of the Golden Rather puppies
    1. If the golden retriever puppies are raised, buy a cotton kernel, and buy a cage if it is not raised. Sponge, ensure that the dog is not cold when sleeping and lying on your stomach.
    . When the golden retriever puppies are raised, the wires and sockets at home are hidden, and the ground is often cleaned and kept clean. Pay attention to hanging a small bell to avoid hurting him.

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