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  1. The feeding method of golden retriever
    The best food for Golden Retriever is dog food. It is very difficult to achieve a reasonable nutritional ratio of home foods. Dog food is processed according to this nutritional ratio. It is the best dog. Food. In addition, if you eat home food for your dog, pay attention to putting a small amount of salt and cooking. Excessive salt and raw food have damaged the health of the dog.
    If you can't give it dog food and eat home food, pay attention to ensure nutritional balance. Animal internal organs (Note: Do not feed pig liver for a long time, poisoning), meat, corn flour, fish (note: the hard spines of fish may be stuck, it is best to pick it), carrots, etc., can be dog foods. Fate it for almost no salt and cook. In addition, when feeding puppies and dog food, mix with a little warm water.
    The key point of the feeding of Golden Retriever
    . What do golden retrievers like
    1. Golden retriever likes to eat fruits, because the fruits are sweet, crisp and juicy, like apples, pears, pears , Cherry, Watermelon, and Peach can give golden retriever a little, or bananas, but they have to consider the gastrointestinal and intestines of the golden retriever.
    2. Dog food golden retriever, which is a dog's staple food, likes to eat. Sometimes you can add something else to eat it, such as meat, vegetables, chicken liver, etc. These golden retrievers also like to eat.
    . What can't you eat in golden retrievers
    1. Golden Retriever always likes the food that the owner eats, but the food that people eat are not suitable for it to eat. High, if the golden retriever eats more salt, the beautiful golden retriever is about to fall.
    2. Seasoning products such as onions, garlic and garlic can not be eaten by golden retriever. These foods have strong toxicity to the blood of golden retriever. Eating too much will cause acute anemia and even endanger life.
    3. The spicy seasoning and strong foods with strong smells are believed to be unwilling to eat golden retriever with sensitivity and smell. Foods with too much mustard and pepper content can cause golden retriever's mouth and gastrointestinal ulceration, so you must not be fed.
    4. Chicken and duck bones cannot be fed to golden retriever. These bones are thin and pointed, and they are very hard. They are not easy to digest. They will scratch the gastrointestinal and intestines of golden retriever, causing the stool to bring blood.
    5. Do not feed milk to golden retriever. Milk is not easy to digest, which will make golden retrier diarrhea.
    6. The first push of the fruit that the golden retriever cannot eat is grapes. Grapes can cause golden retriever kidney failure and even die. There are also fruits such as apples and pears, which cannot be eaten and poisonous.
    . What is good for golden retriever?
    It to make the dog hair shine and beautiful, you can feed the dog with more protein -rich feeds every day. Adding agents with vitamin E and vitamin D, seaweed foods, vegetables, etc., such as lean meat, cooked egg yolk, vegetable oil, etc., feed less foods rich in sugar, salt, starch and other foods.
    . The feeding precautions for old golden retrievers
    Most golden retriever and old dogs will become fat due to reduced activities. Therefore, pay attention to controlling the amount of food and feed more vitamin -containing foods. A glass of yogurt before going to bed can help digestion.
    The maintenance knowledge of golden retrievers
    Preval preparation for adopting a small golden retriever puppy, the preparation must be made as follows:
    1. Periodic dogs with golden retrievers to prevent injections on a regular basis. In addition, the treatment of chips and diseases is a matter of time for the growth of golden retriever.
    2. Since the golden retriever puppies have not learned to excrete fixed -point, the number of excretion is many. Therefore, the owner may have to hold the newspaper all day long, and follow the butt of Jin Mao waiting to accept the dog's. At the same time, Xiao Jinmao immediately held it to the designated place to start learning a designated excretion.
    3. The main feed to sort out the thick back hair of the golden retriever. Not only does it need to be combed every day, but when the dog is eating, you need to pay attention not to let your mouth dirty, but also avoid being made by food. dirty. In addition, the cleaning of the environment cannot be negligible; you must know that the little golden hair dog will roll underground and make yourself dirty.
    4. If you want to know if you are willing to make the dog happy for a lifetime, and whether you want to keep urinating shit, washing the quilt for the dogs for more than ten years.
    5. The life of golden retriever dogs is generally 10-15 years, which is very short. Therefore, adopting a golden retriever, the owner needs to bear the responsibility of these ten years.
    6. The golden retriever is the same as the child. There will be parasites in the stomach. When you are young, you should start to remove insects inside and outside the body.
    7. Some golden retriever dogs have poor hip development due to genetic factors or acquired factors. When taking care of the golden retriever in life, the owner should be particularly careful.
    This Reading: Golden Retriever Abu Diary
    The my neighbor's house has a golden retriever dog. Its name is "Abu" two years old this year. I have been a friend since I was a child.
    This on its body is golden golden, a pair of crystal -like eyes is small and exquisite, and a large mouth is under a black nose.
    . Its personality is docile and especially likes to play with a few children. It likes water most because it is afraid of heat. Once, I took it to a walk to the artificial lake. I saw it lying on the ground and couldn't move it after just walking. I took it to the artificial lake to let it swim. Who knows that I just walked there Abu there. Just like the ants on the hot pot jumped around me. I just loosen the rope, and it jumped into the water like the arrow of the string. At that moment, it swim in the water as freely like a small fish. After a while, it went ashore and looked at the wetness of its body, like a soup chicken, cute and funny.
    later played there for a while, I thought it should be hungry. I led it to the store to buy a ham sausage. I will never forget this day because I like it so much.
    How, this is the golden retriever of the neighbor's house, isn't it cute?

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