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  1. The concepts of the two cannot compare the breed of a dog. One is the concept. The dogs refer to the Chinese pastoral dog, and the pet dog is a large range. Pet dogs, soil dogs can also be pet dogs.
    The more famous pet dogs are: Chinese idyllic dogs, Tibetan hounds, Tibetan mastiffs, Husky, chopsticks, golden retriever, German Shepherd, Damaicho Dog, Bomeo, Chisha Coca, Labrador, Beijing -Pakistan, Biexiong, poodle, Malzis, Belgian hound, teddy bear dog, border sheep dog, Alaska, fox hunting stalk and so on.

    extension information
    ot dog feeding habits: Chinese dogs are carnivores, so when feeding, you need to prepare in the feed More animal protein, meat, supplemented by vegetarian ingredients to ensure the normal development and health of the dog.
    sometimes eat grass, but eat very little, and occasionally spit it out. Dogs are not hungry, but to clear the stomach, mainly because the dog's gastrointestinal structure is unique.
    The dog's stomach is very large, accounting for about 2/3 of the abdominal cavity, but the intestines are short, accounting for about 1/3 of the abdominal cavity, so the dog basically uses the stomach to digest food and absorb nutrients. Food is not easy to digest things like leaves and grass. Although dogs are carnivores, dogs can rely on foods such as vegetables and grains when they are difficult.
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  2. This ... If you change to me, I will not be able to take the idea. Why can't your family be able to raise two? How good to raise two, the native dogs are house houses, and the fox dogs are used to enjoy. These two dogs have their own strengths. If your family does not allow two to raise two, I hope you can convince them. Turkish dogs are strong, their voice is bright and human, and it is not easy to lose. It looks cute, but it is not suitable for home care, because the dogs are very long, they can eat it, they are not very clean. The countryside is used for housekeeping. Fox dogs are beautiful and cute, small in size, less, clean, and intelligent. This kind of pet dog is more suitable for home care than dog dogs. This is just my personal point of view. However, it is necessary to explain that raising fox dogs must be fully prepared, there must be heating, superior food, and the dog cannot be frozen. The environment should be clean. , So raising it is more troublesome than a soil dog

  3. Pet dogs can play in their hands and bring them out. The soil dog's body shape is not good -looking. Pet dogs are played. Tu Dog is a housekeeping! In fact, as long as the dog is well -behaved. It is good to be obedient. What is the difference between pet dogs and other dogs! People in the city have pet dogs because they are small and look good, but the native dogs are not popular in the city. In the countryside, you can see how many people have pet dogs! So now that you have raised the soil dog, you must raise him well! You are good to him. You give others not to be nice to him. So your conditions can only raise a dog, then you will keep him well! I hope my answer can help you. I wish your dog healthy healthy and healthy. Happy New Year

  4. This situation is best to raise two. If you can only raise one, it is recommended not to abandon the dog. After all, the world of dogs is only you, and nothing is abandoned, and the fox dog, saying it is not good, wait for the soil dogs to grow old, or other times, it can be raised. Moreover, the Chinese pastoral dog is also a variety of dogs like Labrador in foreign countries.

  5. Since it is raised, it is necessary to be responsible for him. It is uncomfortable that the dog is abandoned. Raise two. You can always watch the house, play a play, in fact, the so -called pet dogs and native dogs are the same. The reason why pet dogs say are pets because people hurt. If the dogs are also treated by pet dogs, it is as clean and beautiful as pet dogs, so since it is raised, it must be treated with it. Responsible

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