How much does it cost to consignment of a train?

For example, a more than a dozen pounds of small dogs, the fare of the passenger hard seat is 200 yuan. How much does it cost to consignment such a small dog to the same destination? What processes and materials are needed?

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  1. According to the market price in June 2021, a puppy is about 200-300 yuan.
    If pets are checked as a car luggage, some regulations for charging prices for long -distance car companies: billing weight is kg. 10 kg is the starting fee, the billing weight of more than 10 kilograms, and the end of the end is less than 1 kg. If it is loose, 3 cubic meters are equivalent to 1 kg. 2 times the calculation of basic freight.
    But the dog's size and weight are different, so there will be some differences in the actual charging process. In addition, although the train consignment is similar to the aircraft, there may be some differences in price.

    The relevant regulations of pet consignment
    1. Consignant consignment goods should be filled in domestic freight consignment and with my resident ID card or other valid ID card If the consignor is required to issue a letter or other effective proof of the unit, the shipper should also provide it.
    2. When the shipper consignment fresh and easy to rot, live animals, emergency items and goods that have time restrictions are required, they should first book flights to the airline freight department, date, tonnage, and handle according to the agreed time and place. Consignment procedures.
    3, consignment of consignment of civil aviation restricting transportation and goods that need to go through the procedures for procedures such as public security, quarantine and other relevant departments shall present valid certification documents.
    The above content refers to Baidu Encyclopedia-Pet Check

  2. The cost of the train consignment pet
    1. One of the costs that the "train pet consignment price list" requires is the cost of vaccine. All pets that require "trains" must have the "small animal vaccine injection certificate". Although this cost is not charged by the railway station, it is a cost that will be incurred during the "train consignment" process. If there is no such proof, then the "railway station" will not be ***. The cost of this item is not very expensive. The general charging standard is between 20 yuan and 50 yuan. Acceptance.

    2. Consignment fee

    "Train Pet Credit Price Table", the consignment fee of pets is calculated based on the "volume and weight" of the pets and the cage. Under normal circumstances, the charging standard of one kilogram is between 5 cents and 2 yuan. For specific words, it depends on the far away of the destination. In addition, there is another insurance premium, but this fee can be insured according to your wishes or not. This fee is calculated at 0.5 % of the "declaration price".

    3. Packaging fee

    In "Train Pet Credit Price Table", this cost is also "essential", this packaging fee is divided according to "volume" divided For "big, medium, and small", the charging standards are 7 yuan, 4 yuan, and 3 yuan in order. The cost of the other packaging band is calculated. One is 1 piece. Generally, at least three are required.

  3. How much does it cost to consignment of a train for a train? It depends on the size of the pet to pricing, but the train consignment is much cheaper than the bus consignment.

  4. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer HellonQuestion hellonAnswer the train according to the weight of 1 kg (including cages) according to the weight of the train. If it is too small, it does not need to be used. The consignment company is generally good to ask the courier company. China Railway Express is fine. When you go to the post, you can see his service content. Express that transports pets can ensure the safety of dogs. As long as you ask the courier company for dietary questionsnAsk the train to consign the dognIs the car at the same time?nAnswer pets to install the iron containers carried by the passenger themselves, and require the cage to be a steel bar structure. There must be a tray that has a stool under the chassis, or tied to the chassis with a sack or cotton cushion. For other goods, the two sides of the cage need to have climbers (can be made with lead wires) when extracted. Two hours before the train starts, take the pet to the row of the train station to consign the scale. Consignment pets with luggage, the cost of pets depends on its weight and trains. Train consignment pet costs (for reference only): 1. Vaccine fee: 20 ~ 50 (charged for health prevention stations) 2. Consortium: The total weight of pets and cages, generally 0.5 to 2 yuan per kilogram, in addition to the number of kilometers The type of item is related. 3. Insurance fee (optional): 0.5%of the "declaration price" receivable fee. Storage fee: It is not notified after the luggage consignment arrives. After getting off the car, you should take the initiative to inquire about the inside of the station. From transportation to the day, freely keep it for 3 days, and the free storage for 10 days overdue. After exceeding the free storage period, it will be charged about 10 yuan per night. Packaging fee: 3 yuan for small pieces, 5 yuan for medium parts, 7 yuan in large pieces, at least 3 bands per piece, exceeding the specified number, each additional band is added 1 yuan. , Venture (Optional): Small parts of 3 yuan per day, 4 yuan per day, 6 yuan per day.n4 morenBleak

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