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  1. Where did the smell on the dog produce?
    1, urine flavor
    when dogs are urinating, they will accidentally urinate on their own body. Over time, the taste of urine will cause the dog to have odor. This behavior is a dog. The dog's own habit, the owner can wipe the dog with a warm wet towel before going to bed every day.
    2, anal glands
    The smell of the anal glands is really heavy in the dogs. So it is very important to clean up the anal glands of the dog! Therefore, the owner should often take a dog to pet hospital for regular cleaning.
    3, mouth odor
    The causes of dog odor are mostly due to a large amount of stones or diseases such as periodontitis on the teeth. The cleaning of the dog's teeth may directly cause bacterial infections in the mouth, so the owner should brush his teeth regularly for the dog, brush 3-4 times a week, and keep the oral cleaning.
    4, inflammation of the ears
    The ears are a very important part that most owners will ignore. Because the dogs are growing silently in the process of growth. If the Lord does not observe and clean up, the earwax will cause inflammation soon. Therefore, the owner should often look at the dog's ears. If it is not a serious earwax, you can use a cotton swab to wet the pets and ear liquid to treat the dog's outer ear and inner ear, and wipe the dirt. The owner must have the habit of cleaning your ears regularly. The cleaning cycle is 1-2 times a month, and you can also send it to a pet hospital for professional cleanup.

  2. Dogs live with us every day, and the taste emitted on the body never affects the owner all the time. In summer, if the dog still has a strong sense of appreciation, it is like being in a zoo, and you can't stand it, let alone the visiting friends and relatives. In fact, pets will produce odor. The main reason is skin diseases or ear diseases, followed by pets' habits. Therefore, before deodorizing, we must first determine that the smell of the dog is not caused by the disease.
    In disease odor sources
    1. Ear odors:
    When the dogs are thrown frequently or scratching their ears, it means that the dog's ears have problems, but many careless owners have to come to it It was discovered when the dog's ears floated out of the odor. In fact, as long as the earwood is cleaned in the correct way, this situation can be reduced. Dogs with long ears are more likely to have this problem, because long ears can hinder blood circulation and easily stain dirt. In order to prevent dogs from having problems with the ears of dogs, the owner should regularly (every two weeks) use cotton swabs dipped in alcohol to clean.
    2. Oral odor:
    The bad breath is the main reason for the dog's odor. After eating, if the food residue stays in the cracks of the teeth, it will smell the smell for a long time. Such a problem is not big, because the saliva in the mouth can quickly remove the residue of the food. If the dog's oral smell is spreading for a long time, it means that it may have periodontal disease.
    The periodontal disease is formed by the accumulation of dental membrane and toothing between the teeth. The wet and warm environment in the oral cavity is a breedingbed of bacterial. They can reproduce a large amount. At the same time, they will release substances containing sulfur components. This It is the source of odor. It should be brought to the veterinarian.
    If it is only mild tutoring and dental stones, you can use products such as brushing or buying dental bone, cleansing paste and other products to help them remove bad breath. Most of the formulas are available in all kinds of disharilized foods. Most of the recipes are biological agents that make the ecological balance in the mouth, make the tooth spots that are not easy to survive, or make the food residue difficult to stick to the chemical ingredients on the surface of the teeth. Qi decomposition bacteria.
    3. Sebum leakage inflammation odor:
    If the skin wounds are infected with bacterial infection, it is common to produce odor, and the skin has sensitivity, hormones and endocrine disorders. Essence If there are fleas on the skin, the dog will grab the skin messages because of itching, and it will make the skin more susceptible to infection when it is injured. In addition, the dog's saliva is actually a catalyst of odor. When it often licks the skin with the tongue, mixed saliva, and bacteria and dust, slowly accumulate in the skin, and the odor will emit out.
    4. Our gland odor:
    Is when the owner finds that dogs often squat on the ground, move forward with the forefoot in order to rub, or the dog always wants to bite, the nearby skin appears dermatitis, or the dog's anus is partially partial The left or right side of the small pustules, which are all small anal glands.
    The dogs living at home, because the amount of exercise is not much and the muscle strength of the legs is reduced, and the excess anal glandular liquid cannot be pushed out, causing the accumulation of the anal gland to cause the anal gland to swell and swell. At this time, the anal glands will produce a bad taste, which will cause inflammation, bleeding, and even rupture. Therefore, when helping the dog to take a bath, the owner is better to help the dog clean up the anal glands to keep the dog healthy.
    5. The smell of the digestive system:
    The dog's stomach qi is also a source of odor, which is related to the food they eat. If you eat bad foods, there are high protein and high sulfur -containing amino acids, such as beans and soy beans, which are easy to produce odor. The owner should provide dogs with foods that are easy to digest, low fiber and an appropriate amount of protein.
    It, if the dog swallows the air, it will cause stomach qi. When the dog eats nervous, or if you eat too quickly, you may swallow a lot of air into the stomach and make stomach gas, which makes the dog have an indescribable taste.
    Baship of home environmental stinking method
    If the health of the dog is excluded, then the most important basic skill is to pay attention to cleaning and hygiene. In addition to breaking each small corner, the bleaching water, alcohol, and white vinegar that can be obtained at home can also be simply eliminated by the smell caused by the dog.
    1. White vinegar: Add 100 ml of white vinegar to 5 liters of water to wipe the wooden floor with urine to eliminate dog urine smell.
    2. By bleaching water: Use 400 times the bleaching water (about one bottle of water bleaching water and a bucket of water) to mop the floor, you can remove the odor on the marble or tile floor. When the urine is covered with a chair cover, remove the chair sleeve, throw it into the washing machine, and add bleaching water according to the instructions.
    3. Deviny products: You can also buy pet stink drinks, pet toothpaste, aromatherapy, etc. in pet supplies stores, which are also effective for the elimination of odor. Dan
    The dog has already taken a bath. Why can't the smell still dissipate?
    The dogs have been washed, and the family is neat and clean. Why is there still the smell of the dog? In fact, the dog's smell cannot dissipate in the home. It is the most important but most often overlooked that the dog itself is the source of the dog itself:
    1. : The indoor does not ventilated is often the biggest main reason for the stagnation of the stagnation of the room. The circulating air can take away the uncomfortable odor and bring fresh air. Fan or pumping fan.
    2. Dog dumps are not cleaned up: dog hair and dandruff composed of protein, as long as it is not clean, it will smell and form a source of odor. If you want to completely remove the dog's hair, in addition to using a vacuum cleaner, you can also put the unused stockings on the broom to clear the dog hair on the floor. How to use the deodorant is the most appropriate?
    In after cleaning, or two clean rooms, the deodorant is a good helper to eliminate odor. The deodorants used in general home can be divided into many types in accordance with the form. Different forms of deodorants have different methods of use.
    Box deodorant: Open the inner packaging to use it. It is usually placed in a small and more closed space, such as rooms, toilets, cabinets, etc. However, this box of deodorant needs to be replaced regularly.
    Mo -odor spray: The most common deodorant on the market, the most important thing to pay attention to is to avoid being used near dogs. The dog should be brought out of the sprayed range to avoid the dog accidentally inhaled too much deodorant.
    This deodorization original solution: It is a high -concentration deodorization solution that must be diluted before it can be used. It can be used when the environment is cleaned. The use of concentrations depends on the packaging instructions and uses of various products.
    of course, keeping home cleaning and fresh smell is what you need to do all year round. If you have been distressed by this before, then let everything change from this summer.

  3. 1. Knowing the condition of the dog's skin
    1. Dogs have no sweat glands
    because the dog has no sweat glands on the dog, and the skin and other germs must rely on the hair and the skin. For a period of time, a material is regularly secreted to form a protective film.
    . The acidity of the skin
    Human skin is a weak acid system, and the dog is weak, so it can not use human cleaning products when taking a bath. Instead, you should choose to choose Pet -dedicated shower gels avoid dog skin diseases.
    3. Adjust the dog's diet
    If it is caused by the physiological condition, you can adjust it from the diet, such as changing food to chicken or beef that is easy to digest and absorbed. If you continue to have physical taste and hair removal, you should go to the hospital for examination.
    . The murderer who caused the dog's body taste
    1. Normal metabolic conditions
    have no sweat glands on the dog, but the taste of the dog is not caused by the accumulation of sweat. Under metabolism, only a little oil will be secreted, which will not cause unacceptable taste.
    2. Causes the culprit of body taste
    The culprit that causes dogs to be serious, that is, the body fluid or dirt generated after the body's metabolism, because it will not produce too much, so it is not easy for the owner Cleaning.
    3. The frequency of bathing in dogs
    Excessive bathing will destroy the protective film on the skin. The correct frequency of bathing should be once a week in summer, and winter is available for two or three times. For old or small dogs, you can choose to wipe a wet towel instead of bathing.
    . Know the dog's anal glands
    1. The other smell of the dog
    anal glands are the largest odor divergence on the dog's body. However, a small part of it will accumulate in the gland's sac. If it is not cleaned for a long time, it will emit a strong smell.
    2. Remind the owner to clean up
    If the owner if he sees the dog's buttocks, and will keep turning to chase the tail run, or sensitive to the hip part, then the dog is in Remind the owner to clean up the anal glands.
    3. When cleaning the anal glands
    If the owner should take measures to protect themselves when cleaning the anal glands, because if the anal glandular fluid is dipped, it needs to be cleaned for a long time to remove the odor. Gloves should be brought. Then clean up.

  4. Pets live with us every day, and the taste emitted on the body affects the owner all the time. Most of the owners often use fragrant shampoos to help the dog bath to remove the smell of the dog, but the results are limited, and the dog often allows the dog In fact, as long as you master some tips, you can significantly improve the taste of the dog.

    This dogs like to help the owner's face to express their close face, but after a dog with bad breath, after being severely rejected by the owner, there will be a phenomenon of psychological injury. In addition to this problem, some dog's eyes There will be unknown swelling and bleeding, cheese ulcer bleeding, or unknown bleeding of nostrils. The examination discovers that it is a problem caused by teeth stones; for old dogs, bad teeth can cause poor nutrition absorption, and the antibacterial antibacterial of dogs and dogs will decrease. It will also make bacteria easily invade the dog's body, and it will be very harmful to the dog's body in the long run. What should I do? In fact, as long as the owner helps to wash your teeth regularly every two years and effectively control the dog's dental stones, the dog can have a good breath.

    Is when the dogs are frequently dumped or scratching their ears, it means that the dog's ears have problems, but many careless owners have discovered when they get the smell of the dog's ears. Clean up earwax in the right way can reduce this situation.

    The earwax can help the ear to fight against foreign diseases. The color of the earwax is white, light yellow, yellow, and the shape is normal from powder, block to soft mud. Otherwise, the normal ears will have a bad taste. In the past, most of the owners cleaned the dog's ears with a cotton swab, but if the dog's earwax was wet and soft, such a move would accidentally push the earwax to the darker ears, causing the dog's ears to discomfort. In this case, the most. First use the potion to soften the earwax, and then use the power of the dog to throw your ears to eliminate the earwax.

    The regular cleaning of the anal line frequent dog health

    The fat fat that many dogs are loved by the owner are fat, which makes the dog develop anal glandular swelling. Dogs often squat on the ground, move forward with the forefoot to rub the butt, or the dog always wants to bite the fart, but the skin near the fart has a dermatitis, or the left or right of the dog's anus is out. Small pustules, these are all small anal glands.

    Anal glands have the function of helping dogs to identify, because each dog's anal glands have different tastes, because the most common actions that dogs do when they meet each other It is to smell each other's fart. In addition, when the dog lives in the wild, the anal glandular fluid will be left on the grass through the grass to indicate the dog's power range, but the dog living at home Dogs, because the amount of exercise is not large and the muscle strength of the legs is reduced, the excess anal glands cannot be pushed out, causing the anal glands to cause blockage and swelling. Even rupture, so when the dog is bathing, the owner can help the dog clean up the anal glands by the way to keep the dog healthy.

    The method of cleaning the anus line, it is recommended to ask the dog's exclusive veterinarian to demonstrate once, which can be able to grasp the skills accurately. As long as the owner pays more attention to these three places, you will not only find the taste of the dog's body, Improving a lot can also reduce the chance of dog disease. If you love dogs, you may wish to try it.

  5. The possible reason is that
    This dogs do not take a bath for a long time, which causes odor.
    This dogs are not very reasonable. For example, dogs eating too much rice will have a strange taste.
    It if a dog suffers from certain diseases, it will cause odor,
    The I hope my answer is helpful to you.

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