1 thought on “Where to buy pet dogs is better”

  1. Where to buy pets
    has always been a problem that plagues everyone
    mainly has the following channels

    1. Pet shop

    Most of them are puppies. If you can know the puppy's parents, you can imagine how puppy grows up in advance, but the dogs sold by many pet shops may be a way to consignment. Many parties understand that we'd better search for the reputation of the pet shop first and see if there are better pet shops. The most important thing is to avoid buying a long time when you are born. When you buy it, you should carefully check the health of the dog and sign a purchase agreement with your pet shop.

    2. Adopt from relatives and friends

    This should be the most reliable method. Relatives and friends are familiar people. It is clear at a glance that I have seen it with my own eyes, and it is impossible to cheat friends or loved ones, but it is not necessarily what the dogs who have raised relatives at home are what they want. This depends on the specific situation of everyone.

    3. Breeding experts

    The knowledge of breeding experts is very rich in specific dog breeds. The puppies that cultivate the puppies are relatively healthy. Of course, it is more assured, and you can also learn from breeding experts to learn all kinds of dogs to raise dogs. It is recommended that relatives and friends recommend trusted breeding experts, because some people claim to be breeding experts, but the real identity is a businessman who specifically breeding dogs. If you care about it, you may buy puppies who are pretending to be pure or sick.

    4. Professional dog house

    The professional dog house is a CKU certified dog. Whether it is the environment of the dog, the scale or the number of breeds is considerable. The breeder will specifically study the breeding ability and genetic of breeding dogs, so as to win the fittest and continuously update the breeding dogs to improve the breeding level and improve the comprehensive quality of breeding puppies.

    1. Pure breed. Professional dog breeding puppies are purebred dogs with chips and blood certificates. From the perspective of descent, the breeder will consider the popularity of the blood when introducing breeds. In terms of appearance, due to the characteristics of breeders 'bloodlines, genetics and the full understanding and research of the breeding dog's own character, it can ensure the complementary advantages of breeding between breeding dogs, which also ensure the puppies' appearance.

    2. Health. Health protection is the most basic condition and requirements for professional dog breeding puppies. Breeders will regularly give puppies to deworming and major infectious diseases in the body, and will give buyers a health guarantee period for 1 to 6 months. In terms of genetic diseases, due to the screening of major genetic diseases on breeding dogs, in general, the occurrence of genetic diseases can be avoided to the greatest extent.
    3. Professional society provides professional comprehensive after -sales service. Including disease consultation, feeding guidance, major infectious diseases, and after -sales protection of major infectious diseases and major genetic diseases. Because professional dogs generally have fixed venues and infrastructure, relatively stable population and clear breeding plans, and huge customer groups, they can basically provide customers with comprehensive after -sales service for long -term.
    4. Price. Due to the high reproductive costs in all aspects, the purchase price of professional dogs is relatively high.
    said so much. If the budget is average, then go to the pet shop. If the budget is OK, it is recommended to find a professional dog and platform to buy it. Yes, thousands of dollars can be won. Other dog species are not expensive, cost -effective, and guaranteed quality.

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