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  1. After dyeing, pet dogs will not be able to adapt to their new image at first. Maybe I may feel that I don't want to be so good -looking? So I will be depressed, I will not eat, and I will not go out. At this time, the owner should often boast that the dog is beautiful and help the dog to build self -confidence. After a few days, he will adapt, and feel that his dress can win the praise, and he will more and more like himself. And his dog friends may have a strange sense of him at first, but after a few days, as they get along with the time, they will play together.
    D dyeing does not cause damage to the dog's body. Dyeing should go to a regular pet grooming salon to use imported pets for dyeing cream. The quality is more guaranteed. This kind of dyed paste is non -toxic and irritating, that is, pet dogs are often licking hair after color, and it does not affect the health of the dog. Don't panic even if you accidentally drop the dye paste into your eyes during the dyeing process, just rinse it with eye drops quickly. Don't dye too often. Because although the dyeing cream is harmless to the dog, it will always make it difficult for dogs to adapt. If the owner cannot praise him in time, he will become inferior; and always praise him, he will look forward to dyeing, and even if he does not want to go out without changing.
    In dyeing, the color will not be dropped, unless the dyed hair is cut off with scissors.

  2. Professional pet dyeing agents are generally good for white dogs, but it is not recommended to dye dogs, which may cause skin diseases. There are also cases of dyeing agents that cause eye diseases. Don't hold a fun and good -looking mentality to dye the dog, because dogs do not need, and the money for buying dyeing agents will buy them more delicious food. This is what they want.

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