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  1. Snacks are just as obedient, training rewards. If you eat too much, you can picky eaters, ham, canned food. Do not feed them. There are too many additives. You can choose some grinding snacks, such as dogs and dog food rewards. My golden retriever feeds the chicks of chicken, chicken and fries, and you can refer to it. I also choose a lot of brands, rest assured that I have been feeding at the moment. Do n’t feed too much. If you eat too much, you can pick up food. You can eat dog food obediently.

  2. Each pet baby has its own dietary preference. Dogs like the best. Recommended Victoria's Pet Food, Victoria's Pet Food Diversity Products to meet the needs of dogs

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I am inquiring for you, please wait a moment, I will reply to you immediately ~nQuestions recommend some cheap dog snacksnAnswer Hello, I am glad to answer it for you. Hello, I recommend you a few more big -brand snack shops, Hig pet snacks, the direction of the dog's nutrition, but there is still a certain degree of taste and abrasion resistance. Gap, but it is very good for pet's body. Taking a baby pet snack is a very professional large dog snack company. At the same time, it has a large proportion of market sales in various places, and it is easy to buy anywhere anywhere. As an integrated pet service company with friend pet snacks, and friends do well in all aspects, choosing its dog snacks will naturally not be wrong.nQuestion about McFy's snacksnThe answer is more suitable for cats to eatnMore suitable for cats to eatnAsk the dog snack additives what are the dogs who can not eat it?nAre people still there?nAre people still there?nAre people still there?nIn the answer, BHA and BHT do not buy the author. In the composition of many pets, BHA and BHT are found. 99%of these things do not know what it is. BHA: Full -named butyl hydroxyl fennel ether. It is a very good antioxidant. In popular terms, it is artificial preservatives. In the food hygiene and safety regulations, the explanation of BHA is to be non -toxic during effective concentration. However, the World Health Organization classified BHA into 2B carcinogens and classified BHT into 3 types of carcinogens. So to give the shit officer, if there are BHA and BHT in the pet grains, buy with caution, life is tight. If there are the following additives in pet food, don't buy it. Do n’t buy cats and dogs. Proclaimed, but acetainer is more powerful than the anticorrosive effect of BHA and BHT. BHA and BHT just delay the shelf life of cat food and dog food, but the oxygen is powerful. It can not only resist corrosion, but also deodorize. There will still be no odor. Regarding whether a acetainer is healthy, as early as 2015, a review of the European Food Safety Administration explained that the metabolites of acetaine may have genetic toxicity. The meaning of genetic toxicity is that the substance destroys the DNA of the creature, which makes the next generation defect. If there are the following additives in pet food, don't buy it. Do not buy nitrite with nitrite with nitrite. I can, or eat chicken legs. Everyone knows that meat foods will change color for a long time, and once discoloration means not fresh. However, if meat food is added with nitrite, it can react with the muscle red protein in the meat to generate rose nitrobolin red protein, which makes the color of the meat look fresh. At the same time, it can increase the meat Taste has more anticorrosive effects. However, nitrite is toxic. Once the human body consumes 0.3 grams of nitrite, it will be poisoned, and 3 grams will die directly. Cats and dogs are much lighter than humans. Mild intake of nitrite can cause cats and dogs to poison and even die. If there are the following additives in pet food, don't buy it. Cats and dogs must be tightly contained in vitamin K3. Do not buy vitamin K3: It is a very special additive. After multiple inquiries, the author still does not know that adding it to cats and dog food adds to the cats and dog foods to add to the cats and dog foods. The purpose of vitamin K3. Vitamin K3 is an artificial synthetic vitamin. Its role is to promote biological coagulation function. Is it afraid that cats and dogs will eat gastrointestinal bleeding? Only add vitamin K3? However, some data pointed out that cats and dogs can cause liver and other organ poisoning after eating rations containing vitamin K3.nDo not buy Kara gum with Karaju, a thickener, mostly in canned snacks of cats and dogs, and uses canned snacks in Kara Glossoms. The illusion of collagen. But that is not collagen condensed at all. It is a strong stability effect that appears after using Kara gum, and Kara gum is risk of carcinogenic risk. Huang Yuanjiao: Like Kara gum, it is thickened and stable, but Huang Yuanjiao does not contain any nutritional component. It is a net -thicker. After too much consumption, cats and dogs will cause diarrhea.nMore 10nBleak

  4. I still have to buy a brand. I bought one of the previously bought three times, and there was no problem in the previous two.

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