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  1. Novice raising dogs need to prepare pots, nests, dog food, pet special toilets, pets dry powder, small toys, and shrinking traction ropes. And for the first time, dog breeding needs to consider whether you have long -term persistence to accept everything that the dog may happen and the uncertain factors in the later series. In addition, you need to consider the degree of acceptance of the dog, the family's budget, whether there is time to accompany, whether the family is other pets, etc. It is recommended that the above preparations are ready to raise dogs.
    Muled dog food, dog snacks, traction ropes, internal and external insect repellent medicine, in vitro deworming medicine, pet shower gel, new doghouse, and comb. When I brought it home, don't rush to take a bath, because the dog has not adapted to your new environment, and I still feel scared because I am not familiar with. At this time You can take a bath with a dry cleaning powder. Do not wash it directly. In addition, you should pay attention to whether the dog has vaccinated vaccines.

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