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  1. Toys, when you are at home, you will inevitably feel boring, and toys can transfer attention.
    snacks: beef jerky, chicken jerky, small biscuits, are training dogs and promoting emotional weapons with dogs.
    The tableware, it is best to choose stainless steel flat, so that it is convenient for it to eat.
    The toilet, buy according to its body shape, you can better solve the urine.
    This lempean, this is also a critical part, it is best to make it comfortable, so that the dog can rest better.
    The dog rope is also necessary to avoid it running around.
    This brush can eliminate the floating hair on it.
    Maning rod: It can help dogs clean their teeth, replenish calcium, and effectively reduce the phenomenon of dog bites.
    The daily necessities of dogs include dog nest and blanket cushions. When going out, you need to prepare a aircraft box, which can restrict the dog in this box to prevent random running. In daily cleaning, prepare some wet towels, fragrances, and combs for some dogs. It is also recommended to prepare some disinfection supplies such as gauze and iodine. Dogs are slightly abrasion. After injury, you can handle it yourself. Be sure to buy a traction rope when you slip, otherwise it is prone to car accidents or accidental injuries. The traction rope is recommended to use the chest strap, which is not easy to hurt the dog's pipe.

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