2 thoughts on “How to give dogs”

  1. To give dogs, you need to learn the following:
    The special electric scissors, ordinary electric scissors cannot cut the dog hair, or pinch the hair
    Before cutting the dog, use a dedicated dog brush to brush the hair
    E each different pet dog has its own specific method of cutting hair, which is the "hairstyle" we call. Of course, if the "hairstyle" you need, it is not impossible to shave bald.
    It a dedicated table when cutting the hair. The dog must use a specific fixed form on it, such as a short dog rope, otherwise the helper must be helped
    and then start cutting hair
    Take a bath for the dog, dry it and blow dry hair to dry hair (don't blow hot wind in summer, don't blow cold wind in winter)

    It's not so easy, just like a person is not just a haircut.

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