5 thoughts on “When the owner is isolated because of the epidemic, what do you think of pets?”

  1. Many people have the habit of raising pets. For those who love animals, pets are as important as their own family. But now during the epidemic, those who have been to high -risk areas or those who have been in contact with the new crown must be isolated. If the owner is isolated because of the epidemic, what should pets raised at home? I think there are two main ways to solve: to be isolated and looking for people to support.
    The first isolation of pets is relatively rare. Although there is no evidence for the time being, it shows that pets will suffer from new crowns and transmitted to people, but the centralized isolation points in many places are not allowed to enter. Only a few large cities such as Beijing and Shanghai have set up special isolation points with pets.
    The second type of search for people is more common, and there are many ways. If the pet has not been in contact with the owner and there is no risk of infection, you can ask relatives and friends to help take care of it. If you have been in contact with the owner, you can send it to the local pet isolation point for disinfection testing, and then take care of it. Or look for volunteers, some communities will organize volunteers and caring people to disinfect the owner every day to feed and soothe pets.
    In general, the management of the epidemic is mainly considered, ignoring the problem of animal resettlement, and the way of animal isolation and disposal is not appropriate. Some people use epidemic prevention as an excuse to kill innocent animals at will. Some time ago, the news that "epidemic workers killed their pet dogs without the consent of the owner" caused the anger and concerns of many pets. They were worried that if the epidemic was isolated, the pet not only could not get care, but could not even guarantee life safety. Essence The owner couldn't take care of the dog at home because he wanted to cooperate with isolation. When he returned, he learned that his pet was killed without knowing his own insight. This was a great harm to the owner's feelings.
    Animal life is also very precious. How to properly resettle animals during the epidemic is the department of the owners' hearts. The Animal Protection Association also called on the government to introduce the policies of pet isolation and care during the epidemic. The pets who temporarily lose their owners can get better care and care, and the owner can cooperate with isolation.

  2. When the owner is isolated because of the epidemic, the treatment of pets, I think that relatives or friends should be notified to take care of it, or foster in the pet shop first, and the corresponding association can be coordinated. Bring back.

    When the owner of the pet is isolated, it usually needs to be isolated for more than ten days. In such a long time, no one of the pets take care of it, it is likely to affect the people around Starming to death, then these pets should let his host regulate and let others help take away the pets first. If there are no friends around, you can find the corresponding pet association to help take care of it. In short Essence
    If the pet owner is isolated, it cannot be handled by others in any case, and must pass through the consent of its owner, otherwise it is easy to conflict. Theoretically, the owner of the pet should take the initiative to take the pet away, otherwise it will easily disturb the neighbors around, not only the sound, but also some unpleasant taste.

    Men people now have the habit of raising pets. Normally, when they cannot take care of themselves, they will let others take care of, or foster in pet shops. However, if the pet owner cannot be contacted, it is generally managed by the corresponding pet.
    The deep feelings between pets and people, so sometimes treating pets is like treating family members. If others are maliciously hurting people, they will also arouse deep contradictions, which will even cause it. Good social impact.

    Is when the owner is isolated because of the epidemic, what do you think of pets? The owner of the pet should contact his relatives or friends to help take care of, or let people take the pet shop temporarily, and can also let the corresponding pet association help take care of it. Others must not deal with pets without permission, and to inform the pet owner, otherwise it will deepen the intensification of contradictions and bring a lot of unnecessary trouble.

  3. I think pets should be placed in a special place for centralized management, and then fed it at some point, and these small animals should also take care of them.

  4. Pets should also be isolated with the owner, because pets may also be infected with viruses, and after the owner is isolated, the pet is unattended and it is better to isolate with the owner.

  5. I think pets should be given to their relatives or friends to take care of it. This is better to do so, but I suggest that pets also need to be isolated.

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