4 thoughts on “Because the epidemic is isolated, what should the pets at home do?”

  1. Preface: If the owner of the epidemic is isolated, then the pets in the family must be particularly lonely, and they also miss the owner very much. At this time, you should contact your friends or neighbors to help them take care of their pets. After the epidemic isolation is over, they will pick up their pets. You can also send pets to custody or let pet hospitals take care of them.
    . The entrustment to the neighbors If you have no friends or friends in the city where you live, then at this time you can hand over the pet to your neighbors. You must have a good relationship with your neighbors in your life so that you can seek the help of your neighbors in time when you encounter any problems. Because it takes 14 days when it is isolated. In these 14 days, if the pet did not eat or drink, it is likely to lose precious life. Therefore, at this time, everyone must seek the help of others in time, and be sure to say hello to the neighbors in advance, and let the neighbors buy more cat food or dog food.
    . Let pet hospitals take care of because many people will bring their pets to the pet hospital for treatment, so there must be a doctor's contact information at this time. If you are isolated elsewhere, you can contact this doctor on WeChat to explain your situation. In this way, doctors can extend some help hands to help everyone through the difficulties, so everyone can also let pet hospital help.
    The many people will go out and play, but I do not expect that this place will meet the epidemic. Therefore, when you are isolated, you will definitely feel particularly anxious. He is very worried that the pets in the family are not taken care of. There are many people around everyone. Therefore, in this case, you can seek the help of others, so in daily life, it is also recommended to prepare some food at home, and do not close the faucet. In this way, even if you leave for 14 days, your pet can survive yourself.

  2. At this time, you can take care of the family, you can reflect the relevant departments of the property in time, and then seek the help of property or volunteers. You must feed your pets in time.

  3. The pets at home should be sent to some friends' homes. In this way, pets can be taken well in good care, and they don't need to worry about the pet.

  4. Related isolation should also be carried out, because there have been cases of pet infection in China now, so we should not let any living creatures.

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