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  1. Corgi, known as the little prince of the dog industry, is loved by many people with its charming steps. So how much do you know about Corgi dogs? Let me introduce it in detail for everyone.
    What dog Corgi is short and stronger, with great strength, giving people a strong, vibrant, high -quality bone and excellent endurance. , Nature and friendly, brave and bold, neither timid nor brutal.
    English name: Welsh Corgi PEMBROKE
    Welsh Corgi dogs were breeds brought by French workers in 1107. According to their heads like foxes It is closely related to the ancestor of the tip of the dog. However, some people think that with the mate of the Swedish short -footed dog and the indigenous dogs that Wais' trade with Sweden to Weisus, a Corgi dog is produced. The name of Wales Corgi comes from the meaning of petite dogs in Werrci "Corrci". This dog has two variants: Puluk dog and Cadanken dog. Panbrock dogs are more famous than Cardy dogs. Although this dog is petite, it has always been loved by senior people. From the 12th century Charlie I to the current Queen Elizabeth II, the Wede Cocky Dog has always been a pet of the British royal family.
    The is friendly, brave and bold, neither timid nor brutal. Personality is mild, but don't force it to accept things that are unwilling to accept. Its wisdom is undoubted, and it is also quite alert, which can protect their homes highly vigilantly.
    The people
    Welsh Corgi dogs are easy -to -breed dog species. In terms of Mao's maintenance, there is no special beauty and brushing. As for the size, it belongs to small dogs, so it is easy to take care of it, and it has friendly and tolerant personality in both people or other dogs. Children get along well and know how to take care of the child. They are good family partners.
    The standard of dog breed
    The size, proportion and structure
    The shoulder height is 25.4 to 30.5 cm. The proportion of the male dogs should not exceed 13.61 kg, and the female dogs do not exceed 12.70 kg. In the exhibition conditions, the public dog weighs 12.75 kg and the female dogs are 11.34 kg. Obviously, dogs with too large body shape or too small are deemed to be not in line with standards.
    : Moderate and low. The distance from the shoulder to the tail roots is about 40%longer than the shoulder to the ground. Body: The body should not be too short, the bones should not be too heavy, otherwise it will appear rough and superfluous; it should not be too light, otherwise it will appear too active.
    The head
    The head -shaped fox -shaped, the expression looks smart, cares about the surrounding environment, and will not feel timid. The skull is quite wide and the ear is flat, the forehead is moderate, the cheeks are slightly muddy, and the front face contour is clear, making the kiss gradually become tip. The distance from the center of the pillow bone to the nasal frame is greater than the distance from the nasal frame to the tip of the nose. The kiss is neither a face nor a woman's nose. The eyes are oval, medium size, not round or outstanding, slightly oblique. Brown eyes, coordinated with the color of the hair, black eyes, black is the most suitable color. Black is full of expression, real black eyes are the least popular colors, as well as yellow eyes and blue eyes. Earlier ears. Hard, medium size, gradually narrowed to round ear tip. Ears can move, sensitive to sound reactions. From the tip of the nose to the eyebrows of the tip of the ears, the one -corner shape is close to the edge triangle. Bat ears, kittens ears, large and weak ears, lying ears, too high or too low ears are ears we don't want. Fastened ears, rose ears, or signs of signs are severe defects. The nose is black.
    The mouth of the tooth shear, the inside of the upper lip is exposed to the outside of the lower lip. Die -shaped occlusion is also possible. The protruding upper jaw or the protrusion of the jaw is serious defects. The lips are black, tight, not full.
    The neck, the back line and the torso
    The neck is quite comparable, and the length of the whole body is full of balance. Slightly arched, tidy, well blended with the shoulders. The neck is too short to give people a feeling of suffocation. Too long, too thin, or ewe can affect the quality of the dog.
    : The back is hard and horizontal. The slightly dense neck is a little depressed after the shoulder and slightly shorter body hair. This is allowed.
    The body: The rib elasticity is good, slightly oval, and the length is appropriate. Deep chest, hanging between the forelop. If the body is too low, it will interfere with the free movement and be punished. When looking down, the body gradually becomes thinner to the waist. Short waist. The barrel chest, dust flat chest, ribs are lacking elasticity, too long, and circles do not meet the standards. The tail is as short tail as possible, and accidental dogs are born to break the tail, which is allowed. If it is not too high to destroy the contour of the dog's back, the length of the upper warp is below 5.1 cm.
    The front body
    The front legs are short, the forearm rotates inward slightly, and the length of the elbow joint is less than the length of the shoulder joint, so that the forelimb is not too straight. The forelimb bones are developed and perpendicular to the claws. The palm section is strong, the side is close to the front shape, and the weakness and the front curved are serious disadvantages. The scapula is long and the chest is leaning backwards. The feet are oval, and the two center toe is longer than the outer toe, neither overwhelming nor exterior. The foot pads are strong, the feet are arched, and the claws are short. The degenerate toe of the front leg is usually removed. The feet are too round, too long, too narrow, or open as serious defects.
    The back of the back
    The back body is developed, hard and elastic, and the knee joint and flying knight are appropriate. If the angle is too large or too small, it will affect the quality of the dog. The stocks are well -developed, with two flying festivals and parallel to each other. When observed from one side, they are perpendicular to the ground. The barrel -shaped flying festival or flying festival is the most annoying disadvantage. Highlighting the flying festival or double joints will affect the quality of the dog. The claws are similar to the forelimb.
    The length of the hair, short and thick fluff layer, long and rough outer layer, which can resist various environmental conditions. The length of the whole body is different, the neck circle, chest and shoulders are slightly thicker and long, and the body is flattened. The forelimb abdomen, lower abdomen and rear abdomen hair are relatively long. It is best to be straight, but it is allowed to have ripples. The dogs of this variety are easy to fade, assuming that the hair is thick, healthy, and trimmed well. If the seasonal degraded fluff layer occurs, it should not be regarded as a disadvantage. Hard -shaped, too short, thin and smooth hair is a very serious disadvantage. Fluffed by hairy: ears, chest, legs, feet, lower abdomen, and back body are extremely long, and most of them are the most serious defects. The dog should be displayed in a natural state. In addition to modifying the feet and cutting off the tentacles, pruning is not allowed.
    This layer of red, mink, light yellow brown, black and yellow brown with white spotted patterns. The legs, chest, neck (or partial or cervical circle), kiss, lower body and nose beams are allowed. The below that seriously affects the quality of the dog: the hair is white, with red or black patterns; the hair blue, with another very different blue or color fading; the eyes are too bright, blue eyes, eyes, nose, nose, nose, nose, nose Dark brown or gray with lips. Error signs: There are white areas between shoulder dragon and tails, elbows and rear, and ears. In the non -yellow -brown dog, there are white spots in black.

    The forelimb stretchs freely, not too high, and is in harmony with the driving movement of the back body. The appropriate shoulder device, plus the right elbow movement allows the dog to walk forward. Watching from the front, the limbs are not on a parallel plane when walking, but a little inner collection to make up for the short and wide -chest defects. The hind limbs are stretched freely, and the forelimb is located on the line, making the movement running continuously and powerful, and the joints are neither closed or over. The operation of the claws is parallel to the sports route, and it cannot be swayed, cross, and interfere with each other. The discontinuous short exercise, the body sway or walk high, and the gait is too compact or too open when walking back and forth. The actions of this shepherd must be agile and free, and have endurance to work.

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