4 thoughts on “How to get rid of the teddy dog's tail”

  1. How old is the dog now?
    It is recommended to do the baby at 3 to 7 days when the dog is born
    3 days of the baby is too soft, especially if some babies are not very smooth during the production process, it will be weak. It is very critical.
    1. First, we must prepare the following three things, a suitable pen tube, a valve core, and a scissors. The pen tube should be able to put it into the puppy's tail, and the end should be small

    2. Cut the valve core with scissors into a small segment for backup

    The thinner end is put in. Now I understand why I have to find a thin pen tube. It is very difficult to put it in too rough.

    3. Parents have a few puppies, just put a few valve cores. It will be much more convenient to set up in advance.

    4. Put the puppy's tail into the pen tube. In the position of the tail, put the valve core set, just put it on the puppy's tail.

    5. The puppy tail of the valve core is like this, and the broken tail is achieved. Because of the curved tail, this photo seems to be broken in the middle. In fact, it is 2/3 from the tip of the tail and 1/3 of the tail end. Puppies at this age are more appropriate to break at this position. The tail is not good after growing too short.

    Generally, do n’t do it for the dog for a break and send it to the hospital.
    It seems to be a new parent? When I was just raising a dog, I was recommended to go to the bone forum on the E pet.

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