Where is there a pet market in Lanzhou? Intersection Intersection

Where is there a pet market in Lanzhou? I want to buy a dog! Intersection Intersection

4 thoughts on “Where is there a pet market in Lanzhou? Intersection Intersection”

  1. Yantan Huayu Market, Lanzhou. Know the name and you call 114 and ask where you are from. 140 141 109 arrives.

    The on the main door is a lot of dogs. This is a relatively large place to sell pets or something. Birds, fish, dogs, cats. Strong push.

    It is the market in the Lanzhou Railway Bureau. I am talking about selling dogs. What kind of varieties are, such as big dogs, Husky puppies Chizi dolls, if you are just casually casually Raise one and go to Zhangye Road Night Market and sometimes sell dogs, but those small mixed dogs are not very good.

    The you can go to a pet shop to buy it.

    The carefully considers, raising dogs is a very troublesome thing, paying and returning proportional, so if you do n’t have the patience and money investment like a child, I suggest you still look at it. Essence It is very inhumane to watch the puppy fun for a few days to make a stray dog.

    If you have enough confidence, I suggest you choose the dog's variety and size according to your economic conditions, and it is best to go to the big market to pick well.

    The dogs, remember to get injections, and prepare things for dogs.

  2. Go to the neutral bridge on Saturday or the night market on the night market on the interface of Yongchang Road and Zhangye Road in Yongchang Road and Zhangye Road.

  3. I agree with the 2nd floor that there is no sense of responsibility for raising children, of course, there must be some economic foundation, so don't raise dogs.

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