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  1. There are many reasons for the diarrhea of ​​dogs, and specific problems are required.
    Reason 1: Improper feeding, causing diarrhea
    1. Suddenly changing pet dogs to dog food
    2, let pet dogs eat a lot at a time, without controlling amount
    3, pet dogs, pet dogs Dogs eat too much cool fruit food.
    4. Dog baby who is very fragile to the stomach feeds milk and meat (big taboos)

    How to deal with it correctly?

    We we must first confirm that pet dogs are immune!
    1. Do not give them food that is not easy to digest, eat some probiotics that promote digestion
    2, if diarrhea is severe, you can eat it for a day to provide the dog with water
    3, do not feed beans anymore Foods such as products and corn products will aggravate pet dogs!

    The reason 2: In the autumn and winter warmth work, the work is not done
    In autumn and winter, dogs are easy to diarrhea because of cold
    1 correct treatment method
    1. Prepare the dog for a dog Hot water bottle: warm and warm belly
    2, give the dog a little antidiarrheal medicine

    Reason three: diarrhea caused by infectious diseases
    Stepping, this is the worst case! Pay special attention to shovel officers!
    The correct treatment method
    1. If the dog is immune, you can find a doctor to prescribe medicine and cooperate with some probiotics and antidiarrheal medicines.
    , but you still have to observe the dog carefully!
    2. If the dog is not immune, don't hesitate, hurry up the dog to the hospital. Because intensive infectious diseases will deteriorate in one or two days, if you miss the best treatment opportunities, you may bring a dog.

    The cause 4: The deworming is not timely, causing dilute
    This dogs are pulled out of red and thin stools, which is a digestive tract bleeding. Dogs pulled out of dark stools, which was hemorrhage. The dogs pulled out the stools with small particles and wires, all of which indicate that the dog was infected with parasites.
    The correct treatment method
    The sample with a pet dog with a pet dog, go to the pet hospital for testing, and then determine what kind of insecticide is taken for the dog.

    How to prevent pet dogs thin?
    1, daily fixed and quantitative feeding, develop regular breeding habits
    2, regular disinfection of the living environment, eliminating terrible infectious disease viruses.
    3, do n’t forget to change the dog's nest for the dog during autumn and winter, pay attention to keeping warm
    4, performed insect repellent every 3 months
    5, be sure to make a standard for the dog Immunity (very important!).

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