4 thoughts on “8 ways to sleep in dogs represent different personalities. What kind of dog is your dog?”

  1. 1. When the weather is cold when the weather is cold, the dog will curl up the body to sleep, which can keep warm. In addition to this weather, it is also curled up to sleep, indicating that it lacks a sense of security in his heart. This sleeping position can protect their important organs well. If something happens, it can escape quickly. Of course, there are also dogs who are born with a natural personality and fragile. They always shrink to sleep in the corner. Then the owner can stroke and hug it and speak more to it, so that the dog is used to the close of the owner, knowing that the owner has no to it to it. Harmful.
    2, the stomach is sleeping on the floor and sleeping, the dog sleeps on his stomach, usually tired outside, or always prepares to respond to the dog's dog call. But this posture can make the dog stand up immediately when facing some emergencies, which also shows that it is difficult for dogs to completely relax their vigilance. But don't worry too much, such dogs are usually mild, outgoing, active, and cowardly. As long as the owner accompanies it, let it become bolder, don't let the puppies lie directly on the floor to sleep, the puppy Cubs are low immunity.
    3, sleeping on the side, which can reflect that dogs are in a state of relaxation, feel quite safe and comfortable to the surrounding environment, and it is also a fully trusting performance of the owner. In addition, its personality is also very optimistic, cheerful, and is very loyal to the owner. So when you find that the dog is sleeping on the sideways, you should be happy.
    4, sleeping position like four feet towards the sky indicates that the dog is sleeping without any defense, highly trust the living environment, and also shows that the dog's personality is lazy and independent. Of course, this not only represents the dog trust the owner, but also that they are too hot. I want to try to make them cooler.
    , but don't doubt that the dog trusts you, any dog ​​does not trust the owner, no matter how bad the environment is, they will not sleep so unruly.
    5, the weird sleeping position is changing when sleeping, sometimes the legs are straight, the head is lying flat, and a variety of strange and weird postures. The dog with such a sleeping position shows that it really has a good relationship with the owner, very confident, and dares to expose all the weaknesses. However, there are exceptions in everything, which may be playing during the day, or when the weather is too hot, you will like to sleep like this, because sleeping on your back can make your body get dissipate quickly.
    6. When we sleep under the table, when we see our own dogs just come home, we will find that the dogs like to hide under the table and chairs very much. This is because they are very scared inside. They are a bit lonely and timid. Only when they are hiding in a small space under the table and chairs, they will make the dogs feel that they have a place. Therefore, when the owner just picks up the dog home, he should treat it patiently and give it a natural dog food that can be absorbed by high nutrition and absorb it to satisfy the nutrition that it needs. Rest peace of mind, as long as it eats well and lives well, it slowly puts down the alertness.
    7, sleeping on the back of the back, we have no eyes on the back of our human beings, and we must always be alert to the back of ourselves, and the dog is no exception. Back is a place that is not easy to protect for humans or dogs. For fear of accidental, he will be stabbed behind the back by others. The sleeping position of the dog indicates that it is vigilant. Therefore, the owner should often make a psychological suggestion for the dogs, saying that it is safe, no one can hurt you, and the dog will slowly let go of their vigilance and sleep with peace of mind.
    8, holding the owner to sleep in the dog's eyes, the owner is the person who trusts it most, because the owner gave it a home. Therefore, when a dog wants to hug you, or try to hug you to sleep together, it may mean that it wants to build a close relationship with you, or express love and trust you to you, which also means that the dog Personality is very friendly. At this time, the owner must give them the same love and trust. If you don't like the dog to hug with you, you can take some chicken stems it loves to divert it. Do not directly stop the dog from approaching the dog's approach. Essence

  2. Both dogs in my family like to sleep on the floor on the floor, which is more timid than other dogs, and lacks a sense of security, but it is particularly docile.

  3. My dog ​​is sleeping in the sky, showing that his personality is very lively, very trusting me, and particularly naughty.

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