1 thought on “What is the posture of a dog sleeping?”

  1. Common postures are side lying, lying down, and supine.
    This when the dog is lying on the side of the dog, it means that the dog is familiar with this environment and is a very comfortable sleeping position. When the dog is lying down, it means that the dog has a cautious heart about this environment. When you escape, when the dog has a bow and shake in the end, it may be caused by abdominal pain. It is recommended to seek medical treatment in time.
    If the dog likes to hiding in the corner to sleep, it means that the dog lacks a sense of security. If the dog is a lazy sleeping position on the side or turning his belly, it means that the dog is very vigilant. Generally, symptoms of sleeping positions often appear next to people who are close or familiar. Dogs are in a more vigilant state.

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