What should I do if I am afraid of a dog but a elevator with a dog? How to get along with dogs?

4 thoughts on “What should I do if I am afraid of a dog but a elevator with a dog? How to get along with dogs?”

  1. In fact, you don't need to have this concern at all, because most people living in the community will choose to take the initiative to hold their dogs, and almost all pet dogs will not take the initiative to hurt humans.
    In real life, many people like pet dogs and pet cats very much, but some people are also very afraid of pet dogs. The reason why this happened is because these people had experienced or hurt by dogs when they were young, so they were very afraid of approaching the dog. Because most pet dogs are actually very friendly, we don't need to worry about hurting ourselves from the dog at all, so we can try to overcome our fear and try to interact with pet dogs.
    The pet dogs in the elevator will not hurt people at all.
    In most cases, because the comprehensive quality of the residents in the community is generally high. When you need to walk the dog, almost everyone will take the initiative to hold the dog rope to avoid the pet dog of his home in this way. Scared the neighbors around me. For those neighbors with very high personal qualities, when there are people in the elevator, many people choose to continue to wait for the next elevator. They will avoid their pet dogs in this way to affect the normal life of the neighbors.
    It you can try to take the initiative to approach your pet dog.
    I I don't know what you are afraid of dogs because you want to overcome your psychology of being afraid of dogs, you can try to take the initiative to approach your pet dog. In most cases, pet dogs with larger body shapes are generally more secure, so such achievements and people's interaction will be relatively softer. In the absence of protection measures, you can try to interact with your neighbor's pet dogs, and gradually overcome your fear in this way. Since then, you will naturally not be afraid of pet dogs.
    Finally, because the dog itself is a good friend of human beings, many people also consume pet dogs as their own soul. Dogs are not as terrible as we think at all, so we don't need to worry about pet dogs that will hurt ourselves.

  2. You can keep a certain distance from the dog, relax, don't look at it, just go out of the floor to get out of the elevator. Dogs are good friends of human beings. You can try to contact them actively. When you go downstairs, you approach and touch them gently to eliminate fear.

  3. I think that when this situation is encountered, we should first maintain a peaceful mindset. If you are very afraid of dogs, it is recommended to keep a safe distance with the dog; if you want to get along with the dog peacefully, first of all In your heart, you should overcome the dogs, and you can also communicate with the dog properly in the normal life, which is more conducive to your own overcome.

  4. Overcoming your psychological fear, treating dogs as your friends; knowing dogs more, you can try to raise dogs, and slowly you will like dogs and find that they are so lively and cute.

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