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  1. Yunnan has become Huacheng, and there are flowers everywhere. There are many varieties of Yunnan flowers. Let me introduce them one by one:
    . Mudan Recommended Land 1. After entering March, all the peony of 6000 pots, 9 major colors, and more than 20 varieties of peony in the Yahua Temple Park are full. Friends must not miss this beautiful scenery.
    This flower viewing period: March -May
    Tickets: 5 yuan/person
    Address: No. 533, No. 533, Zihua Road, Panlong District, Kunming City
    Renmin Middle Road -East Ring East Road -Park
    2. Over the years, many new peony varieties have been cultivated in the scenic area. Now, in the three peony gardens of Lion Mountain, there are more than 1,200 varieties of more than tens of thousands of boutique peony flowers.
    Flower viewing period: March -April
    Tickets: 80 yuan/person
    Address: Shiwi Mountain Tourist Scenic Area, Wuding County, Chuxiong Prefecture, Yunnan Province
    —— Kunwu Expressway -Perfume Road -Shishan Avenue -Destination
    Peony Flower Sea Photo Raiders:

    It photos to Peony Flower Sea are recommended to wear light and refreshing clothes, girls can choose skirts , The elegant long skirt or a tassel.
    . Sakura recommended land 1. Kunming Yuantongshan Park
    March each year, cherry blossoms in Yuantong Mountain are rotten, and cherry blossoms have become the first choice for many citizens of Kunming. And this year's blooming period of the park will take a weekend after the Women's Day on March 8th, and walk on the cherry blossom avenue!
    Flower viewing period: March
    Tickets: 10 yuan/person
    Address: Youth Road, Wuhua District, Kunming City
    Yuantong Mountain
    2. Yuxin Xinping
    Mane Panshan National Forest Park Muganhan National Forest Park is the largest cherry blossom viewing destination in China. Sakura on the Scenic Moon Lake. In the face of this gorgeous cherry blossom, you will definitely feel that it is just that to go to Japan to enjoy cherry blossoms.
    Flower viewing period: March -May
    Tickets: 50 yuan/person
    Address: Xinping Yi Dai Autonomous County, Xinping Yi Dai Autonomous County, Yuxi City, Yunnan Province
    Highway -Yangma Highway — Xinping County R
    Cherry blossoms Sea Photo Raiders:
    The cherry blossoms themselves are relatively light color. During the shooting process, you must pay attention to the harmony of the background and personal clothing color. Literary and fresh can also make photos more beautiful with the help of cameras, retro suitcases and other items.
    . The recommendation of Peach Blossoms 1. Kunming Country Park
    The peach blossom is the main flower of the country park. In March each year, tens of thousands of blooming peach blossoms will build a romantic pink world for the citizens. Country parks are the only parks in the city that can bring pets into inside. They bring their family members, carry cute pets on weekends, and enjoy flowers in the park to enjoy flowers.
    Flower viewing period: March -April
    Tickets: 8 yuan/person
    Address: Heilinpu Town, Wuhua District, Kunming City
    Burmese Avenue -Heilinpu Qianjie -Heihuan Highway
    2. Qu Jing Luoping
    After March, Zhongshan Township, 80 acres of peach trees in Jichang Village, Zhongshan Township also ushered in the flowering period It is really spring light. When the spring breeze blows, the peach blossoms are budding and the Qunfang is gorgeous. The thick spring color of the peach garden adds more ecological beauty to the mountain village.
    Flower viewing period: March
    Tickets: free
    Address: Jichang Village, Zhongshan Township, Luoping County, Qujing City, Yunnan Province
    Self -driving route: Kunshi Express - Zhongshan Township — Peach Garden
    This flowers of peach blossoms:
    The peach blossom tree is similar to the height of people. When taking pictures, you can put some postures to increase beauty, such as gently smelling flowers, or picking flowers. When taking pictures, gently inhale and capture the moment when you inhale. ↓ Other peach blossoms viewing place: Nujiang Bingzhong Luo Peach Blossom Island
    . Camellia Recommended Land 1. Kunming Golden Hall
    After spring, the camellia of the Golden Temple opened the mountains, and the Golden Temple camellia exhibition also arrived as expected. The flower show will last until March 20. During the flower show, more than 1,000 acres of camellia in the Golden Temple famous resort made a stunning appearance, making citizens a good look.
    Flower viewing period: March
    Tickets: 30 yuan/person
    Address: next to the main entrance of Shirong Park, Panlong District, Kunming
    Self -driving route: Kunming City -Golden Road- Golden Temple
    2. Yiliang Wanjia Cava
    The people know "Yunnan Camellia Armor World", but it smells "Yiliang Camellia Armor Yunnan". In Yiliang Kuangyuan Town, there is a tanning concave known as the "Camellia Village", and it has a history of four or five hundred years. Since the end of the Ming Dynasty and early Qing Dynasty, Yiliang Wanjia started planting camellia. At that time, there was a saying that "one acre of camellia and a house, once a camellia is once the grain".
    Flower viewing period: March -April
    Tickets: free
    Address: Kuangyuan Town, Yiliang County, Kunming City
    Kuangyuan Town -Wanjiawa — Camellia Garden
    Camellia flowers and sea of ​​photos:

    The mountain tea is red and bright, and the color is very strong. It is suitable for selfies or recent photos. Dressing suggestions are bright, forming a certain visual effect.
    Ittowna viewing places: Kunming Botanical Garden, Dali Zhangjia Garden, Lijiang Yufeng Temple
    . Recommended Land of Tulip 1. Kunming Grand View Park
    Recently, the Grand View Park held the 2016 New Year Tulip Flower Show, in the Grand View Park, in The main entrance of the park and the nearby Huapu Central District exhibited 150,000 tulips. The main varieties are: "Lio" and precious black tulips "Little Black" with mysterious colors, as well as the "love of the world". As well as 24 varieties of orange, red, yellow, purple -black, and various compound color varieties including "Christmas Songs", "Prince of Sunshine", "Internet Chess", "Golden Apollo", "Dutch Beauty".
    Flower viewing period: March -April
    Tickets: 20 yuan/person
    Address: No. 72 Datuan Road, Xishan District, Kunming City
    Self -driving route: Kunming City -Daguan Road —— Da Guan Park
    Tulip incense flower sea photography strategy:

    taking pictures in Tulip Sea, no matter how fancy you are, you need to put a net color jacket outside, otherwise clothes and flowers and flowers Hai is stupid.
    6. Magnolia Xishan Magnolia Garden is recommended by Magnolia Flowers
    The Magnolia Garden is located in the Shandong slope of Huating Temple in Xishan Scenic Area. The largest Magnolia Professional Park. There are more than 1,000 white magnolia, purple magnolia, cinnabar magnolia.
    Flower viewing period: March -April
    Tickets: 3 yuan/person
    Address: Xishan National Scenic Area, Xishan District, Kunming City
    Self -driving route: Xishan Scenic Area The main roads from the Qiu Seer Building to Nie Er Tomb have been "banned". You can choose the following two imports to enter Xishan passing through the tourist ring line: 1. Next to the terminal of the high -end 6 vehicle terminal not far from the north gate of the scenic area, there are more than the terminal. The imported logo of the capable tourism ring line is also the most lunch of the import; 2. The other import is along the old Shi'an Highway. You can see the travel ring line logo in the lower Hua Pentian.
    Clalo flower sea photos:

    It often take dreams of beautiful photos under the magnolia tree. Friends who like to take pictures can bring a few more sets of clothes to match at will. When taking a picture, I slightly stretched my chest, shrugged, and smiled with my eyes, and then quietly became a beautiful girl.
    Seven. Recommended Di Yun Da, Kungong
    In I do n’t know why, it seems that Kunming ’s bells of the bells of Kunming are more concentrated in colleges and universities. The Yunda Lao Campus and the Kungong Lianhua Campus have a piece of bells of the bells. The small red flower bone looks particularly cute in the spring.
    This flowering period: March
    Tickets: Free
    Address: No. 2, Cui Hubei Road, Wuhua District, Kunming City (Yunnan University)
    253 Xuefu Road, Wuhua District, Kunming City (Kunming University of Technology)
    Self -driving route: Kunming City -Departing after selecting destinations
    Campus viewing is more youthful and vibrant. Maybe you can also shoot a set of "youth blockbusters".
    8. Recommended place for rapeseed flowers 1. Kunming Anning Mantis Sichuan
    3, and in April, Anning Mantis Sichuan rapeseed flowers are in full bloom, ushered in the peak season of praying mantis Sichuan in spring On both sides of the river, the mountains are open all over the mountains. At that time, the rivers and rivers are like a belt, the sea of ​​flowers and the sea, the mountains are around, and the spring is embarrassing.
    Flower viewing period: March -April
    Tickets: Free
    Address: Anning City, Yunnan Province
    Self -driving route: Kun'an Expressway -G320 — Longxi Road -Anfu Road - Mantis Sichuan
    Luo Ping
    Spring, to Luo Ping to see rapeseed, it is the first choice for many photography enthusiasts. Like the golden carpet rapeseed, bloom in the peaks. In March of each year, 200,000 mu of rapeseed flowers were blooming in the dam, and the eyes were full of golden golden.
    Flower viewing period: March
    Tickets: free
    Address: Luoping County, Qujing City, Yunnan Province

    This Flower Sea Photo Raiders:

    Themaker can bring a painting board to show a scene of sketching in the rapeseed field, and the whole photo will be more vivid.
    Itta other rapeseed views: Zhaotong Yiliang Luowang, Chuxiong Yao'anbazi, Honghe Luxi Dali Lalai Village
    9. Recommended land of rhododendrons 1. Lu Douzi Snow Mountain
    Nearly 40 varieties of alpine rhododendrons are gathered in the hinterland of Snow Mountain. March-April of each year is the time of the rhododendron bloom. The waves of waves surged like a tide, and the bright reds were shot into a film, and the brocade of the satin brocade became a rare rhododendron sea wonders in the world.
    Flower viewing period: March -April
    Tickets: 54 yuan/person
    : Wu Meng Township, Luquan County, Kunming
    Self -driving route: —— Kunxu Line — Cars Mountain Tourist Line — S101 — Cars Snow Mountain
    2. Qujing Shizong Zizong Zishan
    Tongzongzi Mountain Mountain Wan Azalea Rhododendron is stunning the world, with more than 20 rhododendrons. Every time the spring season, the flowers are full of branches, flying red dots, and the mountains are full of red. Experts have verified that there are more than 1,600 years on the mountain for more than 1600 years. They bloom in March each year. The color is bright red and the flowering period is about 40 days.
    Flower viewing period: March
    Tickets: 40 yuan/person (price) to buy tickets at the scenic area 50 yuan/person
    Address: Shizong County, Qujing City, Yunnan Province
    Self -driving route: Kunshi Expressway -National Highway 326 National Highway/West Stock 1 -Quetu Expressway -Yangyue Road -Shizong -Mushan
    n under this beautiful sea of ​​flowers, you can take special art photos, such as taking back, long legs, side face, etc. Diqing Prefecture Shangri -La Bitianchi
    Ten, Kapoku Recommended Di Baoshan Dajiang Dam
    "January coffee hangs red fruit, kapok red like fire in March." Two big red landscapes. In March of March, on both sides of Nujiang and along the highway, the lumper -cotton flowers can be seen everywhere. The scenery with the river water, a red and fire -like scene made tourists linger.
    Flower viewing period: March
    Tickets: Free
    Disposed: near 097 Township Road, Longyang District, Baoshan City
    —S230 —— 坝 Jiangba Interchange — 潞 潞
    Kapria cotton flower sea photos:

    Kapria cotton tree trunk is high. Make sure the picture will not be darker.
    eleven, purple leaf Li recommended Di Baoshan Changning Bai Garden
    In the hundred gardens in Changning County, Baoshan, many flowers are facing the breath of spring and blooming. Among the first blooming flowers, the red and white purple leaves are the most delicate. The blooming flowers formed a flower wall, attracting the attention of tourists, and also attracted the bees to "come".
    Flower viewing period: March -April
    Tickets: free
    Address: Changning County, Baoshan City, Yunnan Province
    —S312 — Bianwa River Bridge — The Bridge Bridge Bridge -Shuncheng Street
    Purple -leaf Lihuahai Photo Guide:

    The grabbing, grabbing twenty sheets must be beautiful.
    This, the recommended land of the Phoenix Flower Yuxi Yuan River Valley
    In the area of ​​the low -River Valley of the Yuanjiang River in Yunnan, Phoenix flowers can be seen everywhere. Whenever the petals fall, the tree is like a layer of red carpet, and the flames are all over the ground. , Moving. It is like a Phoenix Nirvana, bright as fire, the flowers are covered with treetops, and they are fun with the green leaves. It is extremely eye -catching, which can always make the viewer attracting it.
    Flower viewing period: March -May
    Tickets: free
    : Yuanjiang County, Yuxi City, Yunnan Province
    —— Xingyuan Road -Yuanjiang -River Valley
    Phoenix Flower Sea Photo Raiders:

    The Phoenix Flower is also a high trunk, people and background spoils, it is best to use some props when taking pictures, such as putting it next to it. A bear or a flower basket. If you don't put anything, the picture will be very discordant. It is recommended to wear white and look refreshing.
    . The recommendation place for pear blossoms 1. Chenggong Wanxi Chong
    "Suddenly like a night spring breeze, thousands of trees and pear flowers bloom", Wanxi Chong can let people see thousands of trees and thousands of trees pear blossoms The place. Thousands of acres of pear gardens, 250,000 pear trees, the sea of ​​flowers is so dizzy. On the weekend, let's walk along Cai Yunnan Road to the end, let's enjoy the flowers!
    Flower viewing period: March -April
    Tickets: Free
    Address: Wanxi Chong Community neighborhood committee on the Wanxi Chun Community Neighborhood Committee, Kunming City, Yunnan Province: East Road -Wanxi Highway — Wanxi Chong
    2. A old and plus -grade village in Honghe Prefecture
    Entering March, an old -fashioned village pear flower blooms, which is so beautiful! The Renzhai Village is the largest and most beautiful Lihua Village in Yunnan. The natural pear blossoms are surrounded by. If you can spend a comfortable rest time here, you can smell the fragrant fragrance, everything is so beautiful.
    Flower viewing period: March
    Tickets: free
    Address: Graduation Red Administrative Village, Jijie Town, Honghe Prefecture, Yunnan Province
    - Mengzi/Shiping -Chicken and Stone Expressway -Old Highway -Chicken Highway — Rebelling Village
    The photo is more visually effective. Try to choose blue, orange, red, etc. in the wear, you can form a certain contrast with the white background.
    ↓ Other pear blossom viewing places: Dali Midu Donggu
    . Fourteen, Wild Flower Sea Recommended Land 1. Shilin
    Spring is here, and the spring of Shilin is also coming. Persian chrysanthemum and various wild flowers are blooming. Here, you will definitely be lost in this beautiful sea of ​​flowers!
    Flower viewing period: March -April
    Tickets: 175 yuan/person
    Autonomous County
    Self -driving route: Kunshi Expressway -Shilin County -Shilin Scenic Area
    2. On the north of the dam, the flowers in spring are blooming, and the mountains are all over the mountains. Camellia, rhododendron, Yingshan red, wild chrysanthemums, mules, dragon claw flowers, etc., the entire dam is embellished with colorful. Especially in March and April, Huadianba really became the world of flowers.
    Flower viewing period: March -April
    Tickets: 30 yuan/person
    Address: Cangshan Scenic Area, Dali City, Yunnan Province
    —Engping Road — G214 — Cangshan Scenic Area
    The Wildflower Sea Photo Raiders:

    The flower world is already dazzling. You will have a wave dot or stripe, and you will definitely be ignored. So it is important to choose clothes in wild flowers. White black is versatile.

  2. In spring, Yunnan is suitable for flowering places. Kunming Yuantong Mountain -Cherry Blossoms and Begonia Flowers
    Tongtongshan is the best place to watch cherry blossoms in the urban area of ​​Kunming. Neighbors are the historic Yuantong Temple. There are cherry blossoms, begonia flowers, plums, camellia, osmanthus, peach blossoms, apricot flowers, orchids, orchids, cypress, bamboo, etc. Among them, in the three cherry blossom areas, thousands of Yunnan cherry blossoms, Japanese cherry blossoms and weeping begonia are competing to open, forming a sea of ​​flowers of tens of thousands of square meters, red and white, and it is very pleasing to the eye. According to reports, cherry blossoms were planted in the 1950s, and tree species were transplanted in Japan. It is the best and most beautiful cherry forest in China.
    The best time of flower viewing: February -April
    The place where Yunnan is suitable for flowers in spring, Luo Ping — rapeseed
    Luo Ping is called "the hometown of Jinyu Mantang" because it has it to have it "The world's largest natural Tiancheng Garden (rapeseed plantation)" awarded by Shanghai Grand World Ginness Headquarters. Overlooking the 10,000 acres of flower fields, you can see the lake, Laoshan Lake, and Bay Lake in the sea of ​​flowers. Zhaizi is dying; the Karst -shaped Mountains, which are embellished in the sea of ​​flowers, are like fairy scenery in the sea of ​​flowers, which constitute a wonderful picture; Niujie Shishiyan lying land is a typical landform in Karster rocks. ; The annual rapeseed tourist festival, issuing spring invitations to tourists at home and abroad, attracted countless friends at home and abroad to watch flowers and taste fresh honey.
    The attention is on February 22, 2010, 7 sets of "Red Star Art Garden" column group CCTV held a large -scale literary performance of "Charming Luo Ping" in Luo Ping. The stars will participate in the performance.
    The best time of viewing flowers: January -April
    It spring to Yunnan to enjoy flowers, Kunming Golden Temple -Camellia
    The friend who has watched Master Martial Arts Mr. Jin Yong's work "Tianlong Babu" Camellia is not unfamiliar. Yunnan Camellia is known as "Yunnan Camellia Armor World". The Golden Temple Camellia Garden is the largest tea flower garden in China. It was founded in 1988. It has been 20 years. There are hundreds of varieties of camellia. Many of them are unique camellia varieties in Yunnan. They enjoy great reputation at home and abroad.
    At present, the Golden Temple Tea Garden is included in the lion head and agate. Some of them have blossomed, and most of the flower buds are huge. Therefore, it is the best time to enjoy camellia in the Golden Temple.
    The best time of flower viewing: February to April every year
    The place where Yunnan is suitable for flowers in spring, Kunming Country Park -Peach Blossom, Magnolia
    The foothills of the mountains, back to Qiqi Mountain, and neighboring in the west, are one of the larger parks in the suburbs of Kunming.
    The Kunming Country Park has accepted millions of tourists since its completion in 1990. Visitors have created a good place for tourism. The park has a wide range of tourist area, and many advantages of urban parks in the park with mountains and wild interests are one of the plum blossoms in Heilongtan, and the camellia of the Golden Temple There are Magnolia in Xishan here, there are cherry blossoms in Yuantong Mountain here ...
    The best time of flower viewing: March to April every year
    It spring to Yunnan to enjoy flowers, Shangri -La Bita -azalea
    Thebita sea in Shangcira, Yunnan, blue water and green trees, and pleasant scenery. There is a dense rhododendron forest by the lake in Bita. , Drinking in the lake, the fish in the water eats it, drunk and float on the water. This is one of the most beautiful legends of Shangri -La: azalea drunk fish.
    "Poisonous Fish" is more appropriate- "Chinese Poisonous Plants" records that there are many poisonous people with azalea. One of the symptoms after poisoning is dizziness, numbness, and dysfunction. Honey with azalea flower flour can lead to human poisoning. Therefore, it seems that the flowers of the flowers can achieve the effect of "drunk fish". -March

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