February 9, 2014

“White Man No Go That Part of Forest.”

tarzan_jane-e1364156533769Those Golden Glory Days!

A little known fact about Al Ackerman was how much he loved the Tarzan TV shows and movies from before the 50′s and watched them whenever he got the chance. Right up there with W.C. Fields in “The Bank Dick” and other Fields movies, Ackerman simply couldn’t get enough of this inanity from his childhood. He loved the fact that Cheetah was so badly mis-named, being a monkey.¬† He loved everything about them.

Maybe that all had something to do with why he would occasionally meme out with¬† “White Man No Go That Part of Forest”–usually to mean, watch out, don’t do that, or get involved in that or those people. In other words, to show his categorical distaste for a whole situation or group of people.

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