February 9, 2014

“Are you drunk?”

Agatha-ChristieAgatha Christie
In the realms of single-idea, repetitive, functionalist irrationality, few things hold a candle to Al Ackerman’s “Are You Drunk” paintings and drawings of famous individuals.

Of course, there is a clear logical displacement in the work, in the sense that it is the viewer, not the celebrity who is drunk! —as if we were being confronted by individuals at the apex of fame for our drunkenness, over and over again, always the blurry three eyes.

What level of hell is that? A hell worthy of Flan O’Brien, at least.

However, I feel certain celebrities were left out here during Ack’s lifetime: where is Richard Simmons? Klaus Nomi? Victoria Principle? Artie Lang?

These are the obvious questions in life—the rest is more difficult.

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