February 10, 2014

“You Boys Are… Bad Boys!”

bad_boysOr, “You Boys Are The Best Damn Boys in Baltinore.”

Relatively interchangeable, and delivered always with the same moronic aging hillbilly cadence.

The first version came from when Ackerman and a young friend were riding the bus as kids. As a joke, for hours they were talking loudly and excitedly about killing people (made up stories). Eventually, an old man in the seat in front of them turned around and said “You boys are bad boys!” with a tinge of absolute horror. For some reason, that gratified Ackerman beyond belief.

The second version was a modification of the first. I had told Ackerman the story that as a teenager, I and my best friend friend were both involved with a somewhat off-kilter older woman around the same time (a sort of love triangle). One day she spontaneously and awkwardly expressed her enthusiasm for both of us thusly: “You boys are the best damn boys in Baltimore.” In Ackerman’s perverse mindset, this was hilarious. He also knew this woman (20 years later) and thought she was a nut-job, which probably made it funnier for him to imagine.

Of course, as memes, these two statements, with opposing meanings, had broad application to everything.

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